More than just mothers

Karim Raslan

IN 2009, Indira Gandhi, a Malaysian kindergarten teacher, temporarily lost custody of her three children. In March that year, her estranged husband embraced Islam and converted her children without her knowledge or consent.

In January 2018, after a long, drawn-out legal battle, the Federal Court declared the unilateral conversion unlawful. Yet, Indira cannot possibly be placated.

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  • Its hard being a man i tell you. You are at the top but nobody is happy for you. When you win , everyone just takes it as a proof of how unfair everything is, and when you lose the entire world celebrates. When there are more of you than women in the the parliament house and the board of director meeting , people think that something has got to give,but when there is more of you in prison, nobody says a damn thing.For every women that complains about how she feels like she is objectified by the gaze of men, there is a man who feels like he doesn't exist because no eyes looks at him, but does anybody care ? This is a good century to be born a women i tell you - women keep winning and winning and men keep losing and losing, but women just keep complaining more the more they win, while men are not even allowed to mourn their defeat.

    Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy