PAS wins by choosing Bersatu, Umno, say analysts

Zaim Ibrahim

By not choosing between Bersatu and Umno, PAS gets to enjoy the perks and privileges of being part of ruling coalition Perikatan Nasional and avoid having to compete with the country’s biggest Malay party in elections. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, January 27, 2021.

PAS stands to benefit hugely by staying neutral and ensuring it remains partners with both Bersatu and Umno, two sides at war, said analysts.

They said the three parties must resolve the issue of cooperation to avoid three-cornered contests in the next general election.

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  • I still believe that the 'democratic will of the voters' per se across the board needs to be respected

    The democratic fundamentalism can easily be deciphered by the segmental votes cast and (though) i dont have the figures, PAS appears to be the king maker

    What do i mean by respecting the democratic vote, will and mens rea of the voters in 2018 ?!

    The writing was on the wall and the head honcho then threw in the towel on a unilateral basis w/out consulting the PH council !

    The irony of the entire 'matrix of the equation' lay at the outset of the 'change journey preceding the 2018 GE '

    There was a mad scramble as all and sundry (from the opposition) had their applications for their indivual platforms (maybe no outright rejection) but applications sat upon ie bersatu/PH and it was finally decided that the PKR symbol would be used

    To cut a long story short the 'impossible' became a reality and once the finishing line had been crossed the leopards than found it tough to shed their spots as the proverbial quip would have it

    Lo and behold, both sides of the divide got onto the same page and had the FC amended to bring down the voting age from 21 to 18 injecting 7 million (hope my figure right ?!)

    22 months rolled by and the 'infighting',divide and anything and everything else and a quipp from george owell's classis of '84 - we know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinguishing it dictum

    Anyway - why not legislate an 'anti elected seat' hopping piece of legislation and therein would lie the basis of malysia's growth
    besides mosquito parties gaining entry via the backdoor !!

    I rest my case and without this legislation in place the voter truly feels compromised and faith in the democratic system takes a bad beating

    Sat Sri Akal

    Posted 1 year ago by Warrick singh dhalial