The grey matters

Azmyl Yunor

Pupils in masks poring over books at a library in Guangzhou, China, in May. Having a teacher is a good thing, but nothing beats an inquisitive, solitary mind. – EPA pic, July 3, 2020.

IT’S always interesting to meet acquaintances outside of formal settings, especially if the relationship is based merely on work.

We make associations about a person’s personality and disposition purely on the surface level to maintain “professionalism” (as we like to call it nowadays) and acceptable behaviours. We conceal our real selves behind our training and the boundaries defined by the workplace. Maintaining this is essential to keep our jobs, so that we get paid, so that we can buy the things we need, and maybe, indulge a bit in the things we want. We sustain a facade, which acts as a lubricant that keeps the social and cultural machinery running smoothly, so that commerce can do its “thang” since we live in the epoch of capitalism.

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