[WATCH] Anti-hopping, political funding laws must be in place before GE15, Bar president says

Hasmizar Hassan Fikri Ghazali

PASSING the anti-hopping law in time for the 15th general election is key in ensuring Malaysians exercise their duties and vote, Bar Council president Karen Cheah said.

The political financing law also needs to be looked at to allow for an equal playing field for all political parties and candidates, Cheah said.

If these two laws are put in place before GE15, it will prevent another Sheraton Move from taking place, while also reducing voter apathy, she added.

“Our goal should be to push forward the anti-hopping law because there is sufficient political will to make those changes and we should seek the opportunity to make those changes right now,” Cheah told The Malaysian Insight. – May 18, 2022.

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