Hasmizar Hassan

Hasmizar is a cameramen with The Malaysian Insight. You can follow him on Twitter.

1 week ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | Shahril names his dad as inspiration

UMNO information chief Shahril Hamdan’s motto in life is to always speak the truth even if it is bitter. At the age of...

2 weeks ago

[WATCH] Motorsports in the time of Covid-19

THE Covid-19 pandemic put a halt in all sporting events since March this year due to the movement control order and soci...

3 weeks ago

[WATCH] Guan Eng urges Putrajaya to extend moratorium, launches hotline

FORMER finance minister Lim Guan Eng is urging the Perikatan Nasional government to extend the moratorium which will com...

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4 weeks ago

[WATCH] MIC unhappy with multiracial Bersatu

MIC is disappointed with Bersatu announcement on becoming a multiracial party as they should focus more on being a Malay...

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1 month ago

[WATCH] No new foreign workers

THERE will be no compromise on lifting the freeze on foreign workers as the government’s priority is getting local...

1 month ago

[VIDEO] Husband's stroke leaves family's welfare in wife's hands

OVERNIGHT, Anuar Che Omar’s life changed forever. The 42-year-old father of four suffered a stoke that left him pa...

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1 month ago

[WATCH] Better chance of clearing Najib's name at the Court of Appeal

Najib Razak’s lead counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah is confident that his defence team has a better chance to clear the...

1 month ago

[WATCH] Not the end of the world, says Najib after verdict

Former prime minister Najib Razak is hoping for a better outcome as he appeals against the conviction and sentence in th...


2 months ago

[WATCH] Parliament's road to reform cut short, says former Speaker

FORMER Speaker Mohamed Ariff Md Yusof’s main mission when he took up the Dewan Rakyat Speaker’s job was to ensure...

2 months ago

[WATCH] I knew it was coming, says former Speaker Ariff on his removal

MOHAMED Ariff bin Md Yusof saw it from a mile away that the Perikatan Nasional government had wanted to remove him as Pa...

2 months ago

[WATCH] Opposition caught off guard on motion to replace speaker, says Ariff

PAKATAN Harapan was caught off guard and did not have time to submit their choice of a Dewan Rakyat Speaker candidate, s...

2 months ago

[WATCH] Najib will want to be PM again if found not guilty

FORMER prime minister Najib Razak will make a comeback if he is found not guilty next week on corruption and money-laund...

2 months ago

[WATCH] Build your reputations, Dr Mahathir tells young politicians

MALAYSIA has good young leaders but they have yet to establish a reputation for themselves, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad. H...

2 months ago

[WATCH] I'm still in Bersatu, the grassroots support me

DR MAHATHIR Mohamad will continue to take the fight to Muhyiddin Yassin for control of Bersatu as he believes the grassr...

2 months ago

[WATCH] Shafie could garner Malay support, he's not completely Sabahan

THE proposal to nominate Shafie Apdal as Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for prime minister came from DAP secretary-general...