[WATCH] Young Leaders | To reform Umno, Papagomo says honesty is key

Nabihah Hamid Fikri Ghazali Jeremy Seng

UMNO Youth Exco Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris wants to bring changes in Umno and ensure that the voices of the youth especially those from the B40 group are heard.

He also expressed his disappointment over certain self-centered and insincere politicians.

This former blogger who is famous with the moniker Papagomo idolises former Deputy Prime Minister Allahyarham Tun Dr Ismail Rahman. – November 30, 2020.

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  • Yes we should now listen to racist criminals and bigots to advise us on what's good for the nation. Famous for being a bully and a liar to boot, bordering closer to a retard lecturing Umno about honesty.

    Posted 10 months ago by Alphonz Jayaratnam · Reply