Jeremy Seng

Jeremy is a cameramen with The Malaysian Insight.

1 week ago

[WATCH] Lockdowns have put us on our last servings, say KL eateries

RESTAURANT owners based in Kuala Lumpur for decades are getting more concerned with each passing day as business dwindle...

1 week ago

[WATCH] After 99 years, KL’s Coliseum Café shuts for good

THE OLD, grumpy waiters carrying sizzling steaks, the antique furniture and the smoky room – these will now fade into me...

1 month ago

[WATCH] High court orders Simon Momoh’s immediate release

THE Shah Alam High Court today ordered the release of Nigerian Simon Momoh from detention with immediate effect. “I am...

2 months ago

[WATCH] Understanding 'Long Covid'

IT is still not well understood why some people suffer from long term cognitive and physical problems after battling and...

5 months ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | Ryan Ho

A CORPORATE lawyer by profession, Ryan Ho is also the MCA Youth National Spokesperson and Executive committee member....

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6 months ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | Wan Ahmad Fayshal Wan Ahmad Kamal

DEPUTY Youth and Sports Minister Wan Ahmad Fayshal Wan Ahmad Kamal actively started participating in politics while in c...

6 months ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | To reform Umno, Papagomo says honesty is key

UMNO Youth Exco Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris wants to bring changes in Umno and ensure that the voices of the youth espec...

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6 months ago

[WATCH] This 40-year-old stall in Brickfields sells authentic Nyonya kueh

Opposite the YMCA in Brickfields stands a stall that has been there for more than 40 years. Nyonya Heritage is a family...

6 months ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | Marina Ibrahim

MARINA Ibrahim, a 32-year-old from Kluang Johor, wants to unite all races despite their poltical affiliations. The Joh...

7 months ago

[WATCH] More allocation needed for proper online learning tools, says ex-education minister

HIGHER educational institutes must be equipped with proper tools and materials in order to conduct comprehensive and eff...

7 months ago

[WATCH] Pandemic serves as opportunity to rewrite education system, says Maszlee

THE Covid-19 pandemic can be an opportunity to rewrite and redefine the education system in Malaysia, said former educat...

7 months ago

[WATCH] Rumi’s whirling dervishes

Founded around the 13th century in the Turkish city of Konya, the Mevlevi order are a religious Sufi sect known for thei...

7 months ago

[WATCH] Vote Budget as an MP, not politician, says Ku Li

PARLIAMENTARIANS should vote according to their conscience instead of following their respective parties especially when...

7 months ago

[WATCH] Why are police so afraid of being recorded, asks student leader

WONG Yan Ke, who was today charged with disobeying an order from the police to stop recording them during a raid, questi...

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7 months ago

[WATCH] Young Leaders | Arvind Krishnan

MIC Youth political bureau head Arvind Krishnan wants Malaysia to enact a racial relations act if he has the opportunity...