Social media users hit out at Anwar for 'Malay rights' request

Gan Pei Ling

Social media users have criticised incoming PKR president Anwar Ibrahim (pic) for urging the government to focus on 'Malay rights' in a meeting with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Najjua Zulkefli, August 30, 2018.

SOCIAL media users were outraged by incoming PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s request for Putrajaya to pay more attention to Malay rights.

“This is not Malaysia Baru, this is not even Malaysia Lama 1.0, this is racial and feudal Malay minus 3.0! (From the Dark Age)!” said Man Lee on Facebook.

“Yeah, even after declarations that all will be treated equally, now still harping on the welfare and rights of Malays. Shame,” said another Facebook user Pauline Ng.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Anwar conveyed his concerns to him during a meeting yesterday.

“He feels we are not paying attention to the welfare of the Malays,” Dr Mahathir had said.

Cecilia Arul remarked that other races have voted for PKR too.

“Is PKR a Malay party or multiracial party,” said another Facebook user James Alfred.

PKR has branded itself as a multi-ethnic party since it was set up in 1999.

Paul Lee said now he wonders whether Anwar is the right candidate for the next prime minister as he is likely to sing a different tune when speaking to a Chinese crowd.

Anwar is expected to succeed Dr Mahathir as the prime minister in two years’ time.

“If Malays are your only concern, not poor Malaysians, then Malaysia would be facing grave losses such as brain drain etc,” said Ranjini Shanmugan, who slammed racist politicians for dragging down the country.

“Move on… show that you can govern Malaysia better than BN. Stop making u-turn. Stop blaming the past government,” said another Facebook user Zuraida Zue.

Vijay Vasudevan said the new Pakatan Harapan government should remain focussed on eradicating corruption and implementing the institutional reforms promised to the people. – August 30, 2018.

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    Posted 5 years ago by CHEE Meng Ng · Reply

    • Rilex lah bro...race is will take a long time to dissapear frm malaysia mybe another 2 3 generations...the problem is not exclusive to malay but include other races evaluate annuar fairly look on all angles no malay will be successful in the eyes of malay without championing melayu at least for now thats reality though difficult to swallow by other races....the choice now is a better governance and less corrupt leaders. Idealy all is equal but in reality under sentiments of emotions fuelled
      by corrupts politicians all politicians regardless of race will succumb to sentimernts.

      Posted 5 years ago by Abdul Murad Othman · Reply

  • Neglect Malays & lose the next election!..

    Posted 5 years ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA · Reply

    • Where and what are you going at???? Nobody in PH has explicitly stated that they are in process to neglect anyone. Your trolling are obsolete.

      Posted 5 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

    • Neglect the non and they will lose in the next election too. Remember UMNO at least have some supports in the rural areas whereas PKR seats are mostly in urban and semi-urban areas where there are sizable non-Malays voters as well. I will think PKR is only good for a maximum of one term or less before it crumbles into abyss. Anwar and PKR should go to hell.

      Posted 5 years ago by Jackal Way · Reply

  • Getting rid of corruption, cronyism, and wastages will save billions for the poor and deserving irrespective of race and religion. It is understood the larger population of those in need can benefit. No need to single out (or badly reflect) on a particular race. Everyone knew and accepted each other wholeheartedly for a peaceful and harmonious society..The old school politicians who still harp on old policies that failed to help the poor ( bad policies only enriched mainly corrupted billionaires politicians) need re-educating. This is a new Malaysia.

    Posted 5 years ago by Concerned Citizen · Reply

  • We do not want a racist to lead the country! Down to Anwar! Dont ever vote for him in Parliament , so he can never be a RACIST PM....

    Posted 5 years ago by Barry Boey · Reply

    • Agree!

      Posted 5 years ago by CK Looi · Reply

    • I do not see anything wrong in championing Malay rights as a Malay and Muslim unless you want the Malays to be sidelined in their own country.

      Posted 5 years ago by Taher Sherif · Reply

  • We do not want a racist to lead the country! Down to Anwar! Dont ever vote for him in Parliament , so he can never be a RACIST PM....

    Posted 5 years ago by Barry Boey · Reply

  • DSAI seem to have learnt nothing. He must appreciate that PH was voted in to discard race based politics. He must also realise that once he re embraces the hard "fought out" race politics, along with it will come again the baggage of protectionism, cronyism, priviledge seeking, oppression for convenience, fact manipulation, self gratifiying individuals, religious manipulation etc etc which again will bring about individuals in the likes of ministers from the previous government. I sincerely hope DSAI will promote a Malaysia for all Malaysians with government policies and aids based on economic standing of the people and not race or religion.

    Posted 5 years ago by Mohamed Ebrahim Mohideen · Reply

  • seeing the woods from the trees requires a sustainable malaysia that has the cash flow to keep itself going (operationally) at least
    a malysia that is equipped with the fundamentals of quality (market centric) education,financial management and a system that caters for all its citizens that made malaysia baru a reality
    the mathematics were 48+42+13+11=114
    we got in by the skin of our teeth
    others than joined the bandwagon
    maybe the concern 'not paying attention to the malays' needs to be clarified to the supporting voters (that cut across all racial backgrounds) with appropriate justifications
    norway (a small nation) is a shining example of a well managed nation endowned with one trillion usd of assests
    i just read that nst has sold its prime assests to pnb (subject to shareholders approval)
    the underlying question of an established outfit sinking must have a principal reason
    it would be heartening to draw parallels from models that no longer appeal to the public at large
    identifying 'the meat of the matter' and seeking remedies should be crux of the matter
    we live in a globalised world and are connected to each others promting all heartbeats to beat as one and in unision to remain relevant
    sometimes statements (run the risk) of being misread like the recent forest city hiccup
    justification should be the cornerstone of empowerment
    selamat merdeka

    Posted 5 years ago by Warrick singh dhalial · Reply

  • Anwar is asking to be disliked. He forgot all about his fiery oratory where he stated that bangsa orang Melayu , China, India, Kadazan, Dusun, Dayak, Murut etc etc...... semua ia lah "Anak Saya dan Anak Malaysia". Now he have only concern for Melayu Agenda who are poor and he think that the rest are not poor and do not warrant any help or attention at all. Nobody in PH and not even Mahatir himself has disassociates themselves not to help the poor and needys irrespective of race and this new reborn retard of Anwar has to come in and play a racial scene to gain attentions and support from the Malays in a wrong time, wrong place and definitely a wrong project to be vocal at this juncture by a wrong person to do so . A replay of Umno racist leader in the making. He will engineer himself out of PM contention. Truely a non deserving candidate.

    Posted 5 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

  • He never learnt. We never won. His previous position as DPM and now as future in-coming PM position was due to whose's efforts and strategies. So easy to forget PKR lost in the last two elections without PH.

    Posted 5 years ago by Concerned Citizen · Reply

  • it is taken out of context, emphasis on Malays doesn't mean all the other races being neglected.

    Posted 5 years ago by Adris youp · Reply

    • That's not what Tun has responded and that's not what Anwar has mentioned anything about respected the rights of all Malaysians.

      Posted 5 years ago by Jackal Way · Reply


      Posted 5 years ago by Tharan Singh · Reply

    • DSAI can be PM of a 100 % Muslim populated country . Not a Secular Country. Malays are so very rich how much more does DSAI want to make them rich. Please look at the NEEDY not Malays . DSAI PLS FEAR UR ALLAH

      Posted 5 years ago by Tharan Singh · Reply

  • He is a bigot & a fanatic first. A Malaysian second.

    Posted 5 years ago by Sabah One · Reply

    • Totally agree with you! This guy can't be trusted.

      Posted 5 years ago by CK Looi · Reply

    • But to majority of Malays and Muslims he is a hero. Do not forget that in GE14 about 70% Malays voted PAS or UMNO

      Posted 5 years ago by Taher Sherif · Reply

  • Yes. He is a retrovert at times. Hope he doesnt introduce a camel driveway when he becomes PM.

    Posted 5 years ago by Sabah One · Reply