Opposition manufacturing controversy for political gain, says LGBT activist

Nisha Ayub says the photographs were taken with no intention of promoting LGBT issues. – August 9, 2018.

NISHA Ayub, the LGBT activist whose photograph, along with Pang Khee Teik’s, was removed from an exhibition at the George Town Festival in Penang, has said that the opposition was creating a firestorm over the issue to serve its own political purposes.

“I took the photo a year ago. I had no intention of specifically promoting LGBT issues,” she said today.

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  • Whether it is PH or UmnoBN trying to hush up the concerns of LGBT in Malaysia and down play their existence is only providing a strong life support to ensure their prominence. In Thailand it is a norm. Indonesia has plenty of them eventho' it is predominatly Muslim but all seem nice and peaceful on the surface but with intense watch by the authorities. No hue and cries from the masses and the clerics let it be for they do once in a while partake in the closed door activities. The fad caught on to Singapore and auhorities try to make it norm but quietly arresting the problems . Movies were produced in a light hearted comedy to show the pros and cons and educate but strangely enough the authorities found that it is no more of a fad but a concern and was told that it is quite sizable with families hapless in such situation. Well it cannot be hidden might as well let it surface and placed in what ever ways and means to make it easier for everyone. They are not doing harm to anyone and biologically no perpetuation of their genes to next generation, they are also contributor to the economy less maybe they are a reminder to the holy clerics on their man made beliefs that they exist to antagonise all whatever holy it is in this world. Bull craps!!!!!!!!!!! . Live and let live and no one shud play God to decide. Every religion speaks about we are the creation God so are them except they came in different package. Accept it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 3 years ago by Lee Lee