Najib asked me to issue statement that he did nothing wrong, says Zeti

Former Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz denies knowing about the RM2.6 billion in former prime minister Najib Razak's accounts prior to the 13th general election. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 3, 2018.

FORMER Bank Negara Malaysia governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz today said Najib Razak and a minister had requested that she issue a statement that the former prime minister did nothing wrong in relation to the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank accounts.

In a statement issued today, hours after Najib’s arrest, Zeti denied that she had knowledge about the funds in Najib’s accounts prior to the 13th general election.

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  • Who, I wonder, was that minister who was so anxious to exonerate his boss?

    Posted 2 years ago by Bhaskaran Sangaran

  • Syed Keruak..

    Posted 2 years ago by Abdul Aziz Bidin

  • Will there be an additional charge for him to answer? That of abuse of power?

    Posted 2 years ago by Henry Mancini Jr

    • Yes! MACC ACt 2009, Section 23 states "The abuse of power takes place when a person who is a member of a public or government body uses his position or the office in making a decision or taking action for the benefit of himself, his relative or associate."

      Posted 2 years ago by Tan Kenny

  • Let's wait for that minister to be named

    Posted 2 years ago by Suchen SK

  • It seems like hes desperately trying to clear his name, but zeti wouldnt barge. Hence the dismissal of her governor post.

    Posted 2 years ago by Tian Siang Danny Ong

  • I find it difficult to swallow the reasoning. In those day when we perform remittance and even anything that is above a small sum of 10k and above we have to provide reasons for the Bank to submit to Bank Negara for approval. Those who have children studying outside of Malaysia will know the hassle of the bank requesting reasons and purposes to send money and once it is done there is a reference to justify subsequent transfer.. Even when we receive money that come in from overseas and if the amount is more than what catches the eye, the bank manager will call up for info. I find it very disturbing and unbelievable for a person in such position like Zeti in such high office not to be aware of the monstrous sum. If the real truth of being under the influence intimidation in absloving the bugis lanun I can readily accept and even fully sympathise with her. Her answers and rebuking Najib leaves lots of questions unaswered. The act of providing an answer a day late with such hollow statement and unsubstantiated facts will warrant a public opinion of her being not a saint either as the courage to do so only after immediately his arrest . Zeti has lots of work to improve rakyat perception of her.

    Posted 2 years ago by Lee Lee

    • What if the beneficiary of the remittence is the most powerful person in Malaysia? We must appreciate the fact she didn't do an Apandi, and in hindsight she could very well have ended up in a cemented drum because of that.

      Posted 2 years ago by A R

  • I wonder why he doesn't stick with his original alibi of the Saudi monarchy 2.6b donation at all times. He'll lose credibility once he keeps changing his storyline, or worse the general public would have the perception that he's nothing less than a cornered man, clutching at straws when his options are depleted. Trying to put the blame on others really goes to show that his original stand on the matter is very weak indeed.

    Posted 2 years ago by A R