KJ apologises, Zahid insistent, Ku Li reminisces in historic debate

Chan Kok Leong

AS more than 100,000 delegates prepare to vote for the Umno president for the first time in three decades, tonight’s historic debate on Astro Awani could not be any clearer on who they should pick.

Although all three candidates are Umno men through and through, they could not be any more different in what caused the 71-year-old party to lose power.

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  • Rakyat support Ku Li. Yg dua ekor pelesit lagi tu boleh musterbate LIVE on tv. Tak saper nak percaya penipu!

    Posted 5 years ago by Bob Hangguk

  • Umno = Nomore

    The way i look and summarise it.
    ZH - Living in denial
    KL - Living in Gua
    KJ - Living in the wrong ship


    Posted 5 years ago by Wire bug

  • The problem is not any three of them. The problem is the members themselves. Zahid Hamidi is voters think they did nothing wrong. Razaleigh supporters think they have anew lie to erase Najib's. KJ supporter think they are smarter and can argue to voters they will at least not get caught stealing and abusing power.

    Posted 5 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • My personal opinion is all three should give way n retired from politics as the whole lot you you cares only for yourselves n not the plight of the rakyat.All were self serving politicians without any concience for the suffering poor rural Malays.The whole lot exploited Malay sentiments for their won political survival n selfish ambition.If all the three are willing to make statuary declarations of the accumulated assets before involved in UMNO n their present assets

    Posted 5 years ago by Lee Thian Siong