Terengganu Pakatan-BN moots special committee to monitor state govt

Diyana Ibrahim

Terengganu Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional are looking to establish a special committee to serve as an effective opposition as neither coalition has seats in the state assembly. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, September 5, 2023.

TERENGGANU’S Pakatan Harapan-Barisan Nasional (PH-BN) pact said it wanted to establish a special committee for parliament and the assembly to ensure the state’s Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration has checks and balances.

But the state pact said the proposal has not been officially discussed by top leaders.

Terengganu Umno deputy chairman Nik Dir Nik Wan Ku said his party proposed appointing a coordinator for the special committee.

“We sent a proposal to appoint a coordinator at the parliament and state assembly levels and are still awaiting a response.

“Any decision will depend on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, whether they accept the proposal or have other plans,” he told The Malaysian Insight.

Nik Dir said those were PH-BN’s plans in Terengganu after the coalition failed to win a single seat in the 2022 general election and state polls last month.

Terengganu is the only state without an opposition representative in parliament and its assembly.

This matter caused concern there are no effective checks and balances for the Terengganu government.

PH said it would establish a committee to monitor PAS on matters related to its manifesto. It said the committee would provide checks and balances outside the state assembly.

Terengganu Umno deputy chairman Nik Dir Nik Wan Ku says the decision on whether there should be an opposition representative for the state in parliament and the assembly lies with Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional leaders. – Facebook pic, September 5, 2023.

Terengganu Amanah Youth communications director Wan Mohd Hasbie Wan Ahmad said the committee would comprise PH components first before BN parties are made members.

“This is PH’s plan due to our concern there is no opposition to centre the voice of the people,” he said.

He said the committee would prioritise ensuring PAS delivers its manifesto promises as the party did not fully implement strategies contained in its 2018 manifesto.

“We want to ensure there is no misuse or misappropriation and unfair distribution of central government funds to the people,” he said.

Hasbie said his party would suggest Anwar establish a committee appointed by the federal government and placed under the Federal Development Department (JPP).

“When there is no official opposition representative in the state assembly, it would certainly be a challenge for us to obtain resources and information about the state administration’s governance or details of (state assembly) debates.

“That’s why we need a committee that has authority and will move under a (federal) government agency such as JPP,” he said.

Terengganu Amanah Youth communications director Wan Mohd Hasbie Wan Ahmad says an opposition-led special committee in the state can pressure ruling coalition PAS to deliver the promises it made in its manifestos. – Facebook pic, September 5, 2023.

Terengganu Umno Youth chief Tengku Haphiz Tengku Putera said the party would continue carrying the voices of the people even if the public rejected it.

He said Umno Youth would monitor and criticise any flaw in the state government’s administration.

“We agree with the people’s decision. Our role now is to monitor and see how PN governs without the presence of an official opposition.

“Umno is consistent and we will ensure the state government does not act arbitrarily after getting the people’s mandate,” he said. – September 5, 2023.

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