I'm not too old to be PM again, says Dr Mahathir

Bede Hong

Dr Mahathir Mohamad speaking at the 'Is Mahathir too old to be prime minister?' forum in Shah Alam today. He says he is 'willing' to be prime minister again after being 'urged' to do so. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Farhan Nazmi, March 22, 2018.

DR Mahathir Mohamad today declared that he is not too old to be prime minister again, an issue being played up by his protege-turned-nemesis Najib Razak.

“It is wrong to assume that just because you are 93 years old, you can’t do the job,” said Dr Mahathir, who stepped down as prime minister 15 years ago and will turn 93 in July.

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  • Hello , If 93 is not too old , I don’t know what is too old . 93 is too old to get out from bed , let alone go to work. Instead of saying that 93 is not too old to work , I think Dr Mahathir should just say that he has to work although he is 93 years old , becuase there is no one else who can
    get do the job other
    than a 93 year old. I don’t mean that sarcastically by the way. I mean it as a fact .

    Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy

  • TDM WHAT EVER THE OUT COME TO SAVE THE COUNTRY FROM GOING TO THE DOGS YOU ARE CRISS CROSSING THE COUNTRY LIKE A 40 YEARS OLD MAN. When you were in power for 22 good years everything including high class transport, man power, secretary and so forth at your disposal....now as a opposition leader all amenity are out of you....BUT FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE NATION NO ONE COMES NEAR YOU.

    Posted 3 years ago by Mohanarajan murugeson

  • My brother asked if we could have a Unity govt to overcome the frequent "bickering". I said it could materialise. Upon further thinking Dr.M could be roped in as a Senior Advisory Minister with Anwar released from prison to occupy a Cabinet position (after all PM Najib did visit Anwar in prison) while the Opposition continued with their usual role & also show good governance in Penang, Selangor,etc...not so far-fetched if PH did not form the govt after GE14? The idea being to help put things right. PH did invite "unacceptable" Dr.M to lead..Impossible scenario?

    Posted 3 years ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA