Audio clip of PAS taking money from Umno is Amanah’s 'powerful' recruitment tool

Zulkifli Sulong

The flags of rivals PAS and Amanah fly alongside each other in Kelantan, where the splinter party is expected to give the Islamist party a run for its money at the general election to come. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 2, 2018.

AN audio recording of an alleged conversation of a PAS leader working with and receiving money from Umno is now a powerful recruitment tool for Amanah.

Mohamad Hishamuddin Ghazali of Rantau Panjang Amanah said PAS grassroots were defecting to the splinter party after listening to the recording, allegedly of Rantau Panjang PAS central committee member Nik Muhamad Abduh Nik Aziz in conversation with an Umno leader.

“When I first played the recording, about 20 people was present. After that a group of 72 youths and about 85 women came to hear the conversation,” he said.

Hishamuddin said thanks to the recording, he had managed to penetrate the Bukit Tuku state constituency in Kelantan.

He said the PAS member in the recording was receiving money for helping Umno in the Sarawak state elections two years ago.

He said the voice was allegedly that of Nik Abduh, who said in the recording that PAS leaders, including president Abdul Hadi Awang, had received money from Umno.

The full audio clip is 20 minutes long and Amanah is releasing it in four parts.

Kelantan Pakatan Harapan chairman Husam Musa was the first to release the recording.

In a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Husam said the audio clip was a big issue and challenged PAS to prove it was not a genuine recording.

Nik Abduh, who is the Pasir Mas MP, has denied that that it is him speaking in the recording, calling it slander on Facebook on February 28.

“The claim that it is me speaking in the conversation is all nonsense and slanderous.

“PAS is a party that doesn’t get involved in matters that are prohibited by Islam, including taking bribes from Umno and following DAP around,” he wrote.

PAS vice-president Idris Ahmad last week told the party organ Harakah Daily that the party had never received funds from Umno.

But the denial is not stopping Amanah’s Hisamuddin

By simply attaching a loudspeaker to his mobile phone, he has been “broadcasting” the recording everywhere he goes. 

“Because of the positive response, I plan to increase the quality of the broadcast by buying 15 sets of speakers and with a LCD projector – to play the audio which has been turned into a video,” he said. – March 18, 2018.

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  • The reason why people believe it, because everyone knows Nik Abduh was corrupt in Kelantan when he headed its investment company and his father nearly disowned him when he was found out..There have always been rumours of Hadi Awang cronies while in Terengganu MB office..

    Posted 6 years ago by Bigjoe Lam · Reply

  • PAS become Parti Taik under Hadi Bangang.

    Posted 6 years ago by Jay Jay · Reply