Dr Mahathir and the coveted Malay vote

Amin Iskandar

TWO things stand in Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his party Bersatu’s way to win over the rural Malay vote: money and machinery at the grassroots level. 

The country’s longest serving prime minister can bank on his past popularity and success to impress rural folk, but more is needed to convince them, say political analysts. 

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  • Remember Mahathir in power, when he sacked Anwar, the Malay voters swung away from him, swept up in Anwar's Reformasi message. It means Mahathir hold on Malay voters can be limited, machinery and funds is one thing, but a very dependent minded electorate, ideas need to be sensational. Mahathir make sense NOT sensational. Anwar is needed to make it sensational and that is why he is never going to be let out to fight Najib.

    Posted 3 years ago by Bigjoe Lam

  • The interesting news is no want said in 2008 election UMNO/BN will loss 2/3 and follow sit to 2013. BN lost Perak, Selangor. Kedah, Penang and could not more an inch in Kelantan.....WHY? WAS THERE ANY BIG ISSUE FOR PEOPLE TO MOVE DURING 2008/2013? FROM 2008 TILL TODAY CORRUPTION HAVE NOT BEEN CURTAILED.... MACC ...PUT UP PUPPET SHOW GOT ARREST BUT NO CONVICTION .....IMDB ISSUE MORE COVER UP THEN ANY LEGAL ACTION........5% VOTERS SHIFT IS SUFFICIENT .THE WRITER MUST EXPOLRE THIS AND UNFAIR REDELINETION. Dr. Shamsul and Dr. Awang write on this issue.

    Posted 3 years ago by Mohanarajan murugeson

  • You know why I watch movies ? It is because for about two hours, I can forget that I am puny me, and merge my ego with some one screen hero , and feel great when I imagine myself to be handsome and talented and doing important thing like saving the world and having something that everybody else wants like the love and affection of the prettiest girl in town.

    You know why the Malaysians, especially the Malays , used to admire Dr Mahathir? It is because when we look at dr Mahathir, Dr Mahathir makes us forget our puny selves , and imagine us to to be this intellgent, caring and noble man for a change, and that imagination felt great.

    Dr Mahathir can’t really make a Malaysian feel like that anymore , what more a Malay, feel like that anymore.

    Posted 3 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy