Malaysia turning into a corrupt, depraved, shameless nation

IT is interesting that all the things that would cause great shame, embarrassment and personal humiliation in a morally healthy society are done with no sense of shame or embarrassment in our society nowadays. 

A country duped and deceived by the lying voice of our politicians. 

A country that just does whatever it pleases; whatever its corrupt, degenerate imagination can conceive. 

Dancing merrily down the garden path regardless of what lies ahead. 

Political discussions usually centre around questions of money and economics on both sides of the divide and never around morality and integrity. 

Issues of morality and integrity carry essentially no weight at the voting booth. Who cares about the moral conduct of the candidates jostling for your votes? 

Who cares about their outlook on moral and integrity issues? It is their stand on non-issues that is important. 

In a moral society, not one person in millions would condone anything as gross and immoral as acts of corruption. Just the sheer number of those who fail to condone all forms of corruption are an indication of the depth of the depravity, degeneracy, and decadence of the society and rakyat in this country. 

A major portion of the rakyat is attuned to the wicked society they live in. 

Where is integrity in our society? Where is the moral principle? Where do you see it? 

Lack of integrity is almost universal. 

Lying is everywhere. 

Corruption is almost universal. 

Moral degeneracy is almost universal. 

A building is only as good as the material it is built with. 

If you build a house of mud and straw, it won’t stand up under heavy rain. 

If you build a flimsy building out of cardboard, it won’t stand against heavy winds. 

The people are the fundamental building blocks of a society. 

All of the institutions in a society are composed of people. Institutions are structures consisting of people.

The institutions are only as good as the people who make them. 

The government. The legal system. The education system. The health system. The enforcement system. 

Corporate and personal businesses. 

These are all organisations composed of people. All these organisations have to obtain their staffing from some kind of pool. 

If that pool is polluted, smelly and bad, they still must take from it. 

If the only kind of people an organisation can find for its staffing are ignorant people who are scarcely able to read or write, it is forced to hire ignorant, inept people. 

If the only people in the pool are highly dishonest schemers, it must hire highly dishonest schemers. 

If all the people in the pool are lazy good-for-nothings, it must hire lazy good-for-nothings. 

Management has to take what they can get. Normally they will try to get the best they can find. 

But if an organisation has to comply with a maze of foolish government laws and regulations on how they can hire, they may end up hiring the worse and not the best. 

The moral condition of a society determines the quality of life in the society. 

If all the bosses and supervisors across this land are moral degenerates, be sure that it will affect your quality of living. 

If you can’t find or hold a job without prostituting yourself, bending to immoral demands, it will affect your quality of life. 

If all the teachers in all the schools of our land, from kindies to universities, are perverts, be sure that our children will be affected. 

If all our legislators are devoid of principle or morals, be sure it will affect the kind of laws that they make, and be sure it will affect you. 

If all the policemen of this country lack in principle, be sure it will affect you. 

To have a good society, it must be made up of good, moral people. 

There has been a moral collapse in our country of colossal proportions. 

Over the last 20 years, the country has gone from a morally healthy country to a world centre of gross depravity and immorality. 

Malaysians are now living in a country that has lost its moral bearings, a country that doesn’t know right from wrong. 

It is a society where shocking, numbing, gut-wrenching things are happening. 

The position on corruption is crystal clear. There is no ambiguity in it. 

But a great portion of Malaysians have become very sympathetic towards those who committed corrupted acts. 

A great portion of the rakyat have become acclimatised to and comfortable with a climate of corruption and are showing great empathy and concern for those who committed the wicked acts of corruption that they are no longer able to distinguish between right and wrong. 

The country’s future prospects do not look too good. It has gone too far over the line. – June 8, 2022. 

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  • Thanks for the painful truth. The country is on slippery slopes and sliding down really fast. Religious politician would rather speak out against what other consider decent dressing which they don't rather than speak out on corruption. Some of the very top in fact try to even justify it, perhaps themselves having taken corrupt m oney too. Sad indeed

    Posted 2 months ago by Brave Malaysian · Reply

  • Lol.. whatever

    Posted 2 months ago by Mohd Aidil Bin Snin · Reply

  • What puzzles me is, the highest Guardians of our country seems not bother about all the revealations you have written as I believe they too are the one person wanna expose oneself when the rubber meets the tarmac.....I wonder who else has the ability to stop these folks??? No wonder the Sultan of Selangor told off the Religious Minister to shut up and go to the ground for of the Japanese festivals......we have not really got rid of the little Napoleons yet.....politicians? Well written but let's see if the folks change as it's them who ate been foolish and ignorant....only GOD save Bolehland or has it gone the opposite end of Tak Bolehland???

    Posted 2 months ago by Crishan Veera · Reply