Group calls for employee records system to prevent job-hopping

Aminah Farid

The Federation of Malaysian Business Associations (FMBA) suggests Putrajaya introduces a system of employee performance records to prevent frequent job-hopping by employees. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 10, 2022. The Malaysian Insight pic by Kamal Ariffin, March 10, 2022.

THE Federation of Malaysian Business Associations (FMBA) today suggested that Putrajaya introduce a system to record employee performance to prevent frequent job-hopping.

At a press conference today, its chairman Abdul Malik Abdullah said the government should come up with a record system like CTOS or CCRIS, which evaluates a person’s credit score and financial health based on their payment history.

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  • Pay them properly, offer further training and a clear impartial route to promotion and employees will stay. Employers treat staff like disposable rubbish

    Posted 10 months ago by Malaysia New hope