Recall election may not deter party hopping

Lim Chee Han

To live up to the true spirit of representative democracy, automatically triggered by-election is important to find out who actually still commands the mandate to represent a particular constituency. This is a necessary, legitimate and straightforward democratic test, not a penalty. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, September 20, 2021.

DON’T get me wrong, I am supportive of having the recall election mechanism in place for many good reasons – to allow the voters who are highly dissatisfied with a certain elected representative’s performance or public behaviour to be able to act to recall the mandate.

Actually, it could be on any ground that can garner popular support that the voters deem the person is no longer fit or legitimate to represent them, be it integrity issue (that is, told a significant and damning lie in public or misappropriated public fund for private use), or moral issue (that is, acted or uttered racist or sexist words, showed indecent or unacceptable behaviour in public).

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