Let's adopt Liverpool FC's anthem, Najib tells BN

Radzi Razak

Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Razak with his wife, Rosmah Mansor, at the launch of Azalea, BN's women youth wing, in Kuala Lumpur today. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Najjua Zulkefli, January 20, 2018.

NAJIB Razak has called on Barisan Nasional to adopt the Liverpool football club’s anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone, saying it would foster unity and camaraderie prior to the 14th general election. 

The prime minister said BN component parties and “friends of BN” or BN-friendly civil society organisations should be “selfless and work together” to ensure they are accepted by the people. 

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  • The idea to steal a slogan from LFC must be your own and surely not from your advisors. Is this the extend of your wisdom?

    Posted 3 years ago by Alphonz Jayaraman

  • Do thing the Liverpool fans like it?Whether Najib walks alone or with his coalition or with his mrs PLEASE LEAVE ALONE LIVERPOOL FOOT BALL . CLUB AS IT IS NOT KLEPTOCRACY CLUB LIKE IMDB

    Posted 3 years ago by Mohanarajan murugeson

  • As a Man Utd supporter, if you do this I swear to God, we will riot.

    Posted 3 years ago by Victor Fontaine

  • You will always walk alone.corrupted klengtongkrat

    Posted 3 years ago by Malay expert Ahmad