Investigation or cover-up?

THOUGH the complaint I made is not a very big issue, the manner it was handled is appalling to say the least.

On April 24, I had complained to the MCMC that red-coloured registered letter stickers are always out of stock at the Batu Maung post office in Penang (PO). As such, I have no choice but to use the black coloured stickers which cost 70 sen more, i.e. RM3.10 each.

I had asked the PO about the usage of the red and black stickers and was told that the black ones are for use by companies (commercial users), and the red by non-commercial users.

A week after the complaint, I received a call from a Pos Malaysia customer service officer (CSO) who first asked if I had complained about the non-availability of the red-coloured stickers. Upon confirmation, she said the PO had stated they were out of stock on the day I went to the PO. I informed her that this morning I had gone again and there was still no stock; in fact I was told that there is always no stock! I have been experiencing “no stock” for more than a year, which is too much of a coincidence that stock runs out whenever I go to this PO to get them.     

The CSO said I could use the black stickers. I had to point out the cost is 70 sen more and moreover, I am not a commercial user. I was taken aback when the CSO said if I am sending a registered letter to a company I should use the black sticker. This is wrong. It does not matter where a private individual is sending the letter to, he should be using the red one.

I asked whether the stock book at the PO had been checked to see whether the red stickers are being received and sold at this PO. The CSO said they will look into it.

What is appalling is that firstly the identity of the complainant is made known to the party complained against. What was being investigated – the complainant or the complaint? This violates the Whistle-blowers Act.

Secondly, the “investigation” was by way of a phone call to the PO, which simply answered “there was no stock on the day so and so came”.

Thirdly, feedback will be given by the CSO to the MCMC based on that phone call – “no stock on the day complainant went to the PO”.  

MCMC will then reply me telling the same thing and stating that the complaint has been attended to, answered and closed.

I had made the complaint after enduring the “no stock” phenomena for more than year. It could not be my bad luck every time I needed the red stickers (I use an average of two a month), they were out of stock.

Could the MCMC please look at the stock book at the PO in Batu Maung and confirm whether the stickers were out of stock only on April 24 or they have been always “out of stock” as I was told by the PO this morning.  

Is this “no stock” excuse a subtle strategy of making the public use the more expensive black stickers? – May 3, 2021.

*Ravinder Singh reads The Malaysian Insight.

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  • At 10.06 am on 04 May, I received a call from the Post Office Batu Maung saying the Red track-on stickers were available and I could go and purchase them. MANAGEMENT BY COMPLAINTS ! Hope they don't run out of stock again, as stock should be replenished before it runs out completely.

    Posted 1 week ago by Ravinder Singh · Reply