Price of spurning pied piper

Azmyl Yunor

We are fond of sad songs because, well, life is sad. But it bears remembering that sadness is informed by joy. – Pixabay pic, July 10, 2020.

MUSICIANS are probably the most underappreciated and misunderstood lot despite the ubiquity of music in our everyday lives. The fact that they are also often multi-hyphenated individuals doing different things to get by is frequently lost on the non-musical public.

There is a certain romanticism reserved for musicians; they are the torch bearers of emotions – predominantly the romantic love sort – and are often perceived as authentic folk who are wholly at peace and in tune with themselves. They are “happy-go-lucky”, “passionate” and “real”, but also excused, understandably, from what’s usually expected of squares, like being punctual and observing the regular circadian rhythm and routines.

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  • Wahliao. I like dis very much. Its ironic to me that while music is something almost everyone enjoys, its messengers are viewed with caution and disdain by a segment of society. I wonder however if it is a type of musician that they view with contempt and another type that they embrace. Perhaps those whose public personas embody their own shared or aspirational values. Which should mean there is a following for every type of musician except maybe for the Datuk Datin type mic grabbers who turn social events into a karaoke session.

    It is the unfortunate reality that unless a musician chooses the flavours of the mainstream, economic success will almost certainly elude. In the pub circuit they are often tied to the commercial success their patronage brings. But perhaps like most things in this world, reward has closer ties to risk than effort. In a utopian setting following your talent and heartstrings should almost guarantee comfort and success. But not here.

    Play on bards until an algorithm is created for the everyday musician.

    Posted 10 months ago by T A R