Muhyiddin’s clean govt vow stymies cabinet set-up

Jahabar Sadiq

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is finalising his cabinet but the task is complicated by his allies making specific demands for senior jobs. – EPA pic, March 3, 2020.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin might take a longer time to form his cabinet as his pledge to only name clean individuals is complicated by eligible Umno lawmakers who face multiple criminal charges and supporters who demand choice posts.

The new prime minister made the promise yesterday, a day after being sworn in to succeed Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who still claims he has the number to regain the post.

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  • Pakatan harapan never steal people money and corrupt practice.Umno steal government money and corrupt.Pas collect raayat maney for its own gain .Perikatan national is not legitimate government cheating by figure until go back to parliment for mandate.

    Posted 1 year ago by Yutian Lee

  • Muhyiddin made a deal with the devil in order to get the top post. He sabotaged the legitimate government who won the mandate through Elections and their 5 year term has not ended. I wish him good luck .

    Posted 1 year ago by Patrick Teng

  • A bit too early to publish this article, wait for the actual composition.

    Posted 1 year ago by A Subscriber

  • Do not have enough clean people to form government? Then why usurp the power?

    Look before you leap, else you just make yourself a laughing stock to the world.

    Posted 1 year ago by Tanahair Ku

  • The nation is waiting to see your cabinet line up for obvious reasons and also are you going to agreed original plan schedule of the Parliament sitting next week or are you going to push it further in order to anchor your seat. The majority of us unseat the bastards & crooks of dumno only to see them resurface through technical means which not our taste at all so be warned comes next GE if not sooner.

    Posted 1 year ago by Teruna Kelana

  • One crook from UMNO or PAS in the cabinet will make the whole world laugh, and your reign will be just for this term ... hahaha

    Posted 1 year ago by Tanahair Ku