Extraditing Zakir Naik is selling out Islam, says aide

Sheridan Mahavera Mohd Farhan Darwis

Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu speaking during the PAS Youth muktamar at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Pahang, today. He says he is not willing to live in Malaysia if Zakir Naik is extradited. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Afif Abd Halim, June 19, 2019.

MUHAMMAD Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu today vowed to give up his Malaysian citizenship if Putrajaya extradites controversial preacher Zakir Naik to India.

Zamri, an aide to Zakir, said he viewed any extradition of the preacher as a sellout of the religion.

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  • Ludicrous

    Posted 11 months ago by Roger 5201

  • Millions waiting. Please , please , please throw away now

    Posted 11 months ago by S L

  • Is charging Najib, who is a Muslim, in court for stealing, CBT and money laundering akin to selling out Islam?

    Posted 11 months ago by SY L

  • Has this guy got any intelligence?

    Posted 11 months ago by Edwin Ng

  • Allowing criminal to stay is selling out Malaysia, moron!!!

    Posted 11 months ago by Awang Bilis

  • Islam is bigger than 1 individual!! And the Almighty is Great. Please go back and read your Quran properly. Another tiny peanut brain.

    Posted 11 months ago by Mat Kilau

  • He is foolishly trying to attain martyrdom thru' Zakir Naik. A disgrace to his family in being born , a disgrace to his race , a disgrace to his intelligence , a disgrace to Islam in practising of worshipping and idolising a mortal being in Zakir Naik. Has any of the muftis or PAS syaitan ever teaches him what is the real Islam. Looks like he is expandable as a political tool for the hard core extremist radical Islamic militants.

    Posted 11 months ago by Lee Lee

  • Hello Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu, if Zakir Naik is a true Muslim, why does he not respect the Prophet who said "to you yours and to me mine"? The Prophet never ordered his followers to convert the whole world to Islam, but Zakir Naik's "jihad" is that there should be no non-Muslims on this planet. Zakir Naik blasphemously says that all children are born as Muslims, but they are taken out of Islam by thier non-Muslim parents. He then cynically "invites" all non-Muslims to "revert" to the religion of their birth, i.e. Islam. Does this not mean that Zakir Naik is preaching false Islam? Yes, if Malaysia follows international laws and Zakir Naik is extradited, you can follow him. Was Islam under attack when the ISIS were being "disciplined"? Is Islam under attack when the police rounds up supporters of ISIS?

    Posted 11 months ago by Ravinder Singh

  • What utter rubbish is Zamri Vinoth saying. Money laundering is a crime and Zakir needs to go back to face trial ... this has nothing to do with Islam

    Posted 11 months ago by Roger 5201

  • I am sure Islam will flourish much better without you and Zakir Naik. A moderate Islam is certainly more attractive than an extremist one.

    Posted 11 months ago by Tanahair Ku

  • sell out? its money laundering. idiot. dont use islam to protect criminal. if TUN dont extradite him, harapan is finished. just watch!

    Posted 11 months ago by . .

  • Dei thambi pls leave to india with zakir naik for GOOD. All malaysians will be happy to hv u n hatred preacher zakir OUT OF MALAYSIA. Pls both u morons give up ur malaysian citizenship n let malaysians LIVE IN PEACE.

    Posted 11 months ago by Mindy Singh

  • ISLAM = QURAN Not ISLAM = ZAKIR NAIK . Bodoh punya india how can islam be sold by sending hate preacher to his birth country it does not make sense at all. BLIND LEADING THE BLIND USING RELIGION AS SCAPEGOAT.

    Posted 11 months ago by Mindy Singh

  • As a Muslim to u zamiri v kalimuthu u are talk through your asshole u must be a desperate Gay.

    Posted 11 months ago by Danial Abdullah

  • Wonder who is actually doing the stealing - think SRC, 1MDB, FGV, Tabung Haji, YPEIM and Mindef

    Posted 11 months ago by Rupert Lum