Self-regulating media council may be up this year, says Kadir

Prime Minister's Special Adviser on Media and Communications  A. Kadir Jasin says he has seen two drafts on what the Malaysia Media Council could be. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 4, 2019.

THE government is pleased to see positive progress in the establishment of the Malaysia Media Council (MMC), said the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser on Media and Communications  A. Kadir Jasin.

The veteran newsman said the MMC might be established by this year. 

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  • The problem with Mahathir is relying on discredited and self appointed advisers like AKJ to fight the New Media war.

    In their old-media mould late in their 70s and 90s, they failed to see that the younger gen people do not want ex Umno goons in the new coalition.

    The young gen may not know the history of AKJ, but the former NST boss has been minted with unmistakeable old Umno DNA one has to question if he really can be trusted at all.

    Special adviser my foot

    Posted 1 year ago by Ph Bodoh