No consensus on dissolving BN, says Mat Hasan

Sheridan Mahavera SM Amin Andrew Chin

(From left) MCA president Dr Wee Ka Siong, acting Umno president and BN chairman Mohamad Hasan and MIC president S.A. Vigneswaran at the BN supreme council meeting today in which no decision was made on the dissolution of the Merdeka-era pact. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Nazir Sufari, March 8, 2019.

MCA and MIC will remain with Barisan Nasional despite stating last week that they are looking at their future options, including dissolving the former ruling coalition.

The coalition will form a technical committee to look into the grievances of both component members, said BN acting chairman Mohamad Hasan.

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    Posted 1 year ago by David Wu

  • In short, the reasons for MIC & MCAs decision is:
    1. They have no where to go. They will be lost in the Malaysian wilderness if they left BN
    2. They have no experience being an independent party. They wont be able to survive out there if the leave BN because PH wont you touch them with a 5ft pole!!
    3. Literally No Balls to go against DUMNO!!

    This was a good opportunity for the MCA MIC leaders to create a new stand in Malaysian politics. Instead they chose to stay with crooked DUMNO & BN. Sad day for Malaysian politics!!

    Posted 1 year ago by Kampung Boy

  • Nazri the big mouth should resign, shouldn't he?

    Posted 1 year ago by Tanahair Ku

    • Looks like Nazri play his cards right. He has abused and treated both MCA and MIC with total disdain and make them both looks like prostitutes begging to be accepted. He has shown Malaysian whta is thrash. Let Umno to collect and retain them where they will be good for Umno war lords and goons to vent their anger and act as punching bags.

      Posted 1 year ago by Lee Lee

  • MCA & MIC have no place in Malaysian politics. I respected Gerakan's stand for leaving BN.

    Posted 1 year ago by Awang Bilis

  • By GE15 there will not be any representations of MCA and MIC in parliament. Real detestable lots. Both are pariah party with leaders of no principle and only parasitic clinging on to last hopes in Umno even it means selling off themselves and families. Wonder how do their party members feel on being made to look foolishly stupid and trampled on like like dirts. Rightfully to be in cess pool.

    Posted 1 year ago by Lee Lee

  • Woof! Woof!

    Posted 1 year ago by KC Yip

  • Tok Mat knows that he needs the non malay vote to win Rantau seat. If he loses , there goes his political career.

    Posted 1 year ago by Nasharuddin Hamzah

    • Exactly! MIC and MCA will then be chucked aside after the election, whether MH wins or not.

      Posted 1 year ago by Tanahair Ku

    • You think MCA and MIC can deliver the nons vote to him. ??? . Umno might just win as the nons have place their voting on hold temporary unless PH comes out with something that is affirmative and tangible for the rakyat to really place back the trust and confidence in them.

      Posted 1 year ago by Lee Lee

  • Wee Ka Siong betrays the MCA members

    Posted 1 year ago by SY L

    • He has done that since he joined MCA in those days.

      Posted 1 year ago by Lee Lee