Cracks in Umno Youth after calls for Zahid to go on leave

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at the Kuala Lumpur court complex yesterday where he had turned up as a show of support for his predecessor, Najib Razak. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Najjua Zulkefli, October 26, 2018.

CRACKS are appearing in Umno Youth as a handful of the wing’s grassroots leaders are objecting to the move by the leadership to ask party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to go on leave until his 45 criminal charges are settled in court.

Sg Besar, Kinabatangan and Gopeng Youth division heads issued statements last night, hours after Umno Youth chief Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki announced the exco’s decision urging Zahid to take a break for presidential duties.

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  • reality versus past history, those who wants to move forward and those who wants to maintain the tradition

    Posted 4 years ago by Teruna Kelana

  • Youth chief Dr Asyraf is professional and pragmatic in his approach. He can go far with his level headed style of politics..
    Similarly, the Arau Division Chief raised some strong and valid points.

    Posted 4 years ago by TTs Take

  • It is very obvious that the top rung leaders of Umno are only selfishly self serving and using the lower rung leaders and members to be their vanguard for shielding them from crime that they have committed. Overall Umno members itself can be seen as intellectually devoid and shallow. Their objections and arguments are clouded by their deeply entrenched communal attitude doctrinally with the 3Rs to give them a sense of make beliefs in supremacy. Actually they are dwelling in their own production celluloid world of Ketuanan. The prime time TV local dramas are misleading them where all the flaunting Tan Sris, Datuk Seris and Datuks characters are just provinding them a figment of a false reality. The propaganda has affected the majority of poor Malays who are seriously thinking that it could be them too them and also do not matter if it is other Malays as hopes is in Umno to realise it for them. The change of regime has jolted some of the Umno members to start questioning and also to challenge the status quo in the party itself. Umno with most of the invinsible wealth are in the War Lords hands and also the party tangible assets are being frozen. It will be a hard sell has to revamp the party using the old school thoughts of ideology. Umno as a matter of factly has nothing to offer Malaysian in being a vibrant and professional opposition bloc ,let alone a future return as the Government. They are a real let down to their Race, Religion and Royalty -- the 3Rs of sandiwara. It is affirmed that Umno has to demise to kick start a new generations of Malaysian to form a party void of communal in nature.

    Posted 4 years ago by Lee Lee