Parents’ group wants dual-language classes to continue

Noel Achariam

Parent Action Group for Education says schools that are offering 100% dual language programme classes should be allowed to carry on. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, January 15, 2024.

PARENT Action Group for Education (PAGE) wants the guidelines for the Dual Language Programme (DLP) to be maintained in schools.

It also discouraged any plans for non-DLP classes.  

PAGE chairman Noor Azimah Abdul said that having non-DLP classes is not in the Education Ministry’s guidelines. 

“The Education Ministry wants to introduce non-DLP classes but the parents don’t want it. 

“So, schools that are offering 100% DLP should be allowed to carry on. The ministry should follow the DLP guidelines and look into expanding DLP to more schools,” she told The Malaysian Insight.

On November 27, Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek said the non-DLP lessons to be introduced this year are based on existing guidelines. 

Azimah said the guidelines have remained until now and there were no changes made.

“For those who have implemented the DLP, we can carry on with it, there is no problem with that.

“We will start the one non-DLP class this year to ensure the government’s commitment to uphold Bahasa Melayu as our national language,” she said. 

Azimah said the education minister insists that full DLP schools must have one non-DLP class in the 2024/25 academic year.

“If one reads the circular (SPI) KPM Bil 3 2020 dated November 26, 2020, there is no such provision. This must stop immediately.”

Azimah said that many parents want their children to be in more DLP classes but the schools are not opening any more.

“We have written to the Education Ministry but to no avail. So, we decided to send a memorandum to 31 ministers last week because everyone has an opinion on education.

“We have since written this memorandum seeking for full DLP schools to remain, expand DLP schools, classes and pupils where criteria are met, which are contained in the SPI. 

“We are just asking the Education Ministry to stick to the existing DLP guidelines. Because for every school to have one non-DLP class is not in the guidelines.”

Azimah said that they have been informed that there will be a cabinet retreat on January 17-18 and education will be one of the topics of discussion.

“We urge the cabinet to table our memorandum at the retreat. We are merely seeking for the existing guidelines on DLP to be adhered to.

“Do not add further restrictions to undermine the success of DLP. 

“DLP can exist alongside the English language improvement programmes that the education minister has in mind.” – January 15, 2024.

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  • The Minister of Education needs to be educated.

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