Anwar’s next 4 hurdles 

Emmanuel Joseph

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has also made a series of populist moves in his first weeks in office, decisions that have earned him the public favour he will need in the months to come. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, December 21, 2022. 

DESPITE the opposition’s attempts, Anwar Ibrahim got his vote of confidence and is slowly but surely restoring political stability to Malaysia. 

The days of clear-cut, semi-permanent political arrangements are over, and in its place is coalition politics of mutual goals and cooperation. 

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  • The only way to fight 'words 'reproposed to drive fear into Malay Muslim mind" is to give them support to believe in their own strength and ability.
    The Koran among other things also has many scientific, historical, geographical, human body and other types of truths about creations and the world. The world expresses surprise whenever these truths are discussed mostly by non Muslims. How many Muslim religious schools and universities are involved in researching and documenting them. which are only discussed when new discoveries are made. Even to pray a Muslim must must have knowledge of geography to know which direction to face and the position of the sun to determine the exact time of prayer.
    Make knowledge about the above an important part of all Muslim religious schools. Maybe make this as a project for every Muslim religious school in the form of a competition.
    For a start surah Ar Rahman discusses many of the bounties Allah has given to the world. How about a competition among all the Muslim religious school to have exhibition of the bounties mentioned in the surah.

    Posted 4 months ago by Citizen Pencen