[WATCH] Every time we reach the checkpoint we don’t know who is in control, said ambassador

Seth Akmal

WE took the longest route to avoid our convoy from any risk of attack to Port Sudan rather than the shorter one, said Ambassador of Malaysia To The Republic of Sudan.

Mohamad Razdan Jamil said each time they reach the checkpoint they do not know who is in control.

However, they safely arrived at their destination as it was under the control of the Sudan government.
Sudan is facing a civil war between the Sudan Arm Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF), which has led to a volatile situation in the country.

Recently, 30 Malaysians had to be evacuated from Khartoum due to the escalating violence.

Mohamad had led the convoy consisting of workers, family members, and students.

They had to travel for more than 30 hours and cover a distance of 1300 km to reach Port Sudan safely. – April 29, 2023.

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