[WATCH] Tourist use money saved for holiday to buy food for villagers

Irwan Majid

MOVED by a photo essay titled ‘Island life during MCO’ by The Malaysian Insight’s photojournalist Irwan Majid, Benedict from Germany, and his girlfriend Lina, from Indonesia decided to use the money for their holiday to buy food for the villagers of Kg Pondoh.

Benedict and Lisa who were in Kota Kinabalu on holiday when the movement control order (MCO) was implemented, were stuck indoors for two months and were unable to enjoy any touristic activities.

The couple then decided to spend around RM2,167 (US$500), which was supposed to be used for their trip, to buy food supplies for the villagers in Kampung Pondoh.

They were able to help 45 families and the local mosque with the food items they bought. Among the groceries the families received were rice, eggs, instant noodles and cooking oil. – May 11, 2020.

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