Independent to challenge Anwar in Port Dickson

Gan Pei Ling

ANWAR Ibrahim’s road to replacing Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister through the Port Dickson by-election now has a challenger – Stevie Chan from Kuala Lumpur. 

The self-described Pakatan Harapan supporter has thrown his hat into the ring by announcing his move via Twitter yesterday. 

“It’s true. I intend to stand as an independent candidate. I have put together a small core team to help me with the campaign,” he told The Malaysian Insight when contacted.

“We’re drafting our manifesto to explain why we are doing this and what we can achieve,” he said.

His announcement comes amid growing public backlash to Anwar’s engineering of a by-election so soon after the 14th general election in May.

“A democracy has certain processes that you should honour. Failing to honour them make a mockery of it,” said Chan, best known for his posts under his former Twitter username YouTiup and now @tapaimalaya.

The announcement was met with positive responses, with individuals volunteering to help with his election campaign.

Chan said his team will depend on public donations and his own savings to fund the election campaign.

He stressed that the PD move was wrong.

First-time MP and former navy veteran Danyal Balagopal Abdullah had vacated his seat just four months after he was voted in to make way for Anwar.

“We are just in the beginning of reshaping this country. Why are we compromising for one person’s ambition and convenience?” asked Chan.

Anwar’s supporters, including his wife, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, DAP and Amanah insist that it is high time for Anwar to return to the Dewan Rakyat. – September 15, 2018.

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  • Stevie Chan is right. Democracy must be defended by strong principles and not abused

    Posted 5 years ago by Roger 5201 · Reply

  • What can I say.... the entire fiascos.. so called the PD Move is pure abuse of the democracy process. I know what the PKRs objectives are... to bring Anwar to a leadership position.. I can understand that.. but abuse the system to achieve this gain is abusive and making a mockery of the system..
    Just ask yourself this question.. why did we all vote for PKRs navy veteran, Danyal? Because we wanted change and we wanted Danyal to lead us into the New Malaysia era..
    So, who the hell Danyal think he is for him to just give up his seat..? He is a total useless letdown, as far as I am concerned and a person who can never be trusted. People put their faith in you and now you are willing to give up your seat?. This is all pure nonsense.. it can be anyone wanting that seat.. Dr M, Ahmad Zaidi or LGE, but you should never give up your seat just like that. You should get the permission from the people who voted you in before you step down! After all we are all humans, so why should you give up your seat.. I dont see any Demi-Gods around for you to make such a sacrifice..

    Posted 5 years ago by Thiruchelvam Thirunavukarasu · Reply

  • Mr Chan is handing PAS and Umno a get out. No need to waste their money if an independent stands.

    Posted 5 years ago by Malaysia New hope · Reply

  • Let this Stevie guy loses his deposit. You want someone to die before a by election is called it? Stevie should have known the agreement on transitional period. As a supporter of PH then why not now?

    Posted 5 years ago by Jacob Hong · Reply

  • His voice will be heard loud and clear for a small loss. It's worth it. Go, go, go.

    Posted 5 years ago by Concerned Citizen · Reply

  • Stevie..remind me with Stevia sugar for diabetes.
    You definitely not originally a PKR supporter.
    Playing this game to get known is not good, and accusing PKR of abusing democracy is not going to bring you any supporters.
    The last election had been the best in Malaysian history and brought much respect to Malaysians.
    People had voted for D.S.Anwer for long, and he is not in need for this seat to prove his popularity. But the ill-legal situation had bought us all in this ironic situation that he became in need of a seat to peruse his reforming mission starting from parliament and to face a teenager politician who came out of the blue trying to be famous.
    Back off and measure your height before you stand.

    Posted 5 years ago by Mohammad Alnaggar · Reply

  • DSAI is madly wanted to be PM as though the PM position is minted for him. TDM unites all his political enemies to be in one voice under one umbrella for common agenda whereas DSAI get an elected MP to vacate his seat for him to be given a PM position. Isn't it selfishness at the highest level?

    Posted 5 years ago by Awang Dollah · Reply

  • Do not be surprised if this guy wins it hands down. It does not matter if he is seeking publicity or self motivation agenda for it is viewed that Anwar has lost his bearing. Majority of Malaysian Rakyat support Anwar and would like to see him helm the PM post at least for a term as a gesture for all his hardship in being incarcerated for his movement of "reformasi". The history of Anwar's saga is still fresh in everyones mind and many also know that he is not a saint either. But sadly and honestly we are yet to see actual reforms or Anwar capability in being a competent leader. All the hype in his rhetorics are just like waves going up and down at the beach. Nobody is against his designated 8th PM post but lately he is more of an annoyance with his unbelievable antics and BS. Yet all that are still acceptable BUT when it is self serving causes of asking a newbie to vacate is just a show of a despot in the making and enhancing nepotism with the family crying out that there is nothing wrong as they are voted in. True as they were in the team there and then and at that juncture the situation is entirely a different political landscape where the objectivity is ABU ( Anything But Umno ) and now after the hard fought elections it is where political correctness and demeanour are highly under microscope. The questions in the rakyat mind is Why the rush when Anwar himself publicly announced and has lined up his itineray for the next two years of assignments. ????????????????? What happen to his recuperation period to gather his health from all his back and shoulder injuries but could hop around enthusistically and vibrantly on stage to the tune of a song.???????????????? What happen to his comments that his family comes first and needs to spend more time in catching up to build up where he has missed ????????????????. More importantly as a leader he should know his position in the society as the GE14 was done and won with him in the slammer. Every elected MPs has put all out efforts, supported by rakyat to ensure a win. Coming out on a pardon is already an achivement that should be relished and cherished by him and family after all the years and suddenly to be power hungry just only after 4 months of the unforgettable victory in GE 14 is damning. Why does others have to relinquish what they have earned but in the name of loyalty and love for an individual leader, he has to kowtow and let go just because Anwar has to be the PM.??????????????????? If that is the PM in the making than it is sheer desperation and he is a PM of no calibre for the Malaysian needs. I would for one question why does it have to be so and has to be him????????????????? Where is Anwar so called family who have declared to be fillial by his side and have many years so willingly sacrificed with undying love but suddenly not now and unwilling to vacant their seat knowing that they are already a crowd in the parliament Has their mindset changed where in the present situation their political posturing will be strenthen in their self serving cause and also a tactical display of disposing opponents. Well...................

    Posted 5 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

  • TDM could retire for 15 years and then returned on demand. Why can't he?

    Posted 5 years ago by Tanahair Ku · Reply