Shariah lawyers laud Terengganu's caning of lesbians

CANING under civil law is worse than under shariah law, said the Malaysian Association of Shariah Lawyers (PGSM), following the punishment meted out to two women in Terengganu today.

Congratulating the state shariah court for carrying out the punishment according to Islamic requirements and not “bowing to pressure”, PGSM president Musa Awang said the caning was done in a way that did not compromise the women’s dignity.

“Caning under shariah law protects the dignity of the offender. They are fully dressed and their ‘aurat’ is covered,” he said in a statement, referring to parts of the body that must be covered according to Islam.

“It is different from Western corporal punishment, where the offender is stripped and only the private parts are covered.

“This is proof that shariah caning is not as cruel as alleged by some quarters. It is very different from the caning sentences handed down by civil courts.”

He said today’s caning was carried out “lightly”, as per shariah requirements, and no injury was inflicted on the women, aged 32 and 22.

The punishment was meted out in front of 100 witnesses.

Musa said having observers present was not meant to humiliate the women, but served as a deterrent to the public and sent out the message that homosexual relations constituted a crime.

“It is preventive, to make it a topic of discussion for future generations. Those who witnessed it will pray for the offenders, that they repent and return to being useful members of society.”

The women were charged under shariah law for having sex in a car on April 8. The punishment was postponed from last Tuesday.

News of their sentencing, which even made headlines overseas, caused an outcry among civil society groups.

Amnesty International Malaysia and the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia had called on the government to intervene and stop the caning, saying the punishment amounted to torture. – September 3, 2018.

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