Child's marriage not registered in Malaysia, can't be nullified, says DPM

Muzliza Mustafa

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail says while the marriage between an 11-year-old girl and a 41-year-old man, which has caused a firestorm in the country, is considered legal in Islam, it is not so under Malaysian law. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Seth Akmal, July 10, 2018.

THE marriage between an 11-year-old girl and a 41-year-old man in Gua Musang cannot be nullified as it was not registered in Malaysia, said Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

“At the moment, there is no marriage because there is no document,” the women, family and community development minister told reporters after a meeting at the ministry in Putrajaya this afternoon.

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  • Fined for what if it's not an offence.

    Posted 5 years ago by Ashok Pattu

  • This is NOT a religious issue. This is an issue relating to children of 'tender age' as opposed to an adult and gender justice,dignity and equality. It deals with the morality of Malaysian society. 22 Islamic countries including Pakistan, Banglades and Afghanistan have regulated Islamic religious "triple talaq"
    Why is Malaysia allowing this pedofile to pay a fine and get away with a criminal act. Was the mconsumated?

    Posted 5 years ago by Magnolia Chan

  • If the marriage was void ab initio then if medical reports show sex had taken place it is STATUTORY RAPE! How would the man feel if his daughter was sold to another 40 year old. Or if he was forced to marry an 80 year old and have sex? This is the most stupid logic, I have heard.

    Posted 5 years ago by Magnolia Chan

  • I just cannot understand why this issue is so complicated. Just ban all child marriages. I would like to see who are the people that will object to the ban. If they would want to take to the streets to protest the ban, then we will all know who supports pedophilia. DPM seems to be hemming and hawing and beating about the bush. State your stand and introduce the legislation in Parliament. Religions may not specifically ban child marriages but there is no reason for anyone now to support, much less demand it.

    Posted 5 years ago by Lawman will

  • Some progress is on the way, outlawing such illicit unions. More will follow in due course, in this NewMalaysa. Just keep chipping away, to break down the crumbling wall..

    Posted 5 years ago by MELVILLE JAYATHISSA