Penaga folk stunned over scale of theft at 1MDB

Sheridan Mahavera

1MDB critic Tony Pua presenting his slideshow detailing the multi-billion-ringgit scandal engulfing the state investor to kampung folk in Penaga, Penang, last night. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Zainal Abd Halim, July 7, 2017.

THE crowd in the Penaga community hall gasped when they saw the list of necklaces, bracelets and diamonds bought with funds allegedly siphoned off investor 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The shock was followed by bewilderment at how those who stole billions from the debt-ridden state fund also blew the funds on paintings which, to them, looked like scribbles.

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  • Thank you YB Tony Pua and ceramah goers -- spread the word around.
    If we can get hold of the PowerPoint presentation, we too could present to other kampung folk.

    Posted 6 years ago by Kuasa Rakyat

    • Kuasa Rakyat,

      "...If we can get hold of the PowerPoint presentation, we too could present to other kampung folk...."

      Good idea.

      Plus a Youtube video of the Penaga presentation will also allow others to get some tips on presentation style and flow.

      Posted 6 years ago by Musa Ng

  • Tony Pua,

    There is no way Najib would allow you to continue with your roadshow if you can claim the success you say you have had in an UMNO stronghold.

    It sounds like you have been able to do what nobody else has done, that is, distilled the essence of the 1MDB theft and presented it in a form which the kampung folks can understand.

    Can you imagine if you achieved the same results in the FELDA schemes?

    As far as Najib is concerned, you will be stopped, you must be stopped.

    It will become is even more important for UMNO/BN that you stay banned from Sabah and Sarawak - you must not be allowed in there to make the same presentation to the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    Please do take the appropriate precautions for yourself, OK?

    BTW, I noticed Kuasa Rakyat's comment about sharing your presentation. I think that is a great idea.

    Good luck.

    Posted 6 years ago by Musa Ng