Health minister worth RM2 million, says report

It is reported that Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has a RM2 million home in Shah Alam, acquired from his father-in-law in 2003. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 10, 2018.

THE New Straits Times today reported the net worth of three ministers, whose asset declarations are publicly available via research centre Invoke.

The reported net worth of Mohamad Sabu (defence), Salahuddin Ayub (agriculture and agro-based industry) and Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (health) – all from Amanah – includes their liabilities, incomes, expenditures and big-ticket gifts.

The report said Mohamad, also known as Mat Sabu, is worth RM688,000, Salahuddin (RM740,000) and Dr Dzulkefly (RM1.98 million).

“The ministers, in inking a statutory declaration between December 28 last year and March 13 under the Statutory Declaration Act 1960, said they have listed all their assets,” said NST.

“They also swore that they would not abuse their position to enrich themselves, their spouses or their children.

“Their position, marital status and the number of children are also stated in the declaration.”

The two-page declaration, endorsed by a commissioner of oath, includes details of the assets, including when and how they were acquired.

Mat Sabu declared his assets on March 13. He has RM105,000 in savings, and invested RM220,000 in unit trusts and insurance.

He and his wife own five properties valued at RM758,000, and two plots of land in Penang and Perak.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has a RM2 million home in Shah Alam, acquired from his father-in-law in 2003, and bought two used cars, totalling RM84,800, in 2009 and 2012.

Salahuddin is servicing a RM70,000 loan on one of the three cars he owns.

Transparency International Malaysia president Akhbar Satar said leaders should declare their assets to gain the public’s trust, and this applies especially to ministers, deputy ministers and officials whose work involves dealing with public funds.

“By doing so, the public will no longer question their integrity. It will be clear that they are working for the people.

“The first (time) is when a minister is sworn into office. Then, (after) two years of service, and finally, after they have finished their term.

“The declaration of assets must, at some point, be made accessible to the public to promote accountability.”

He said graft-busters should have access to such declarations as they have “the authority and expertise to investigate” if it is warranted.

On Friday, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said ministers, their deputies and political secretaries will be required to declare their assets to him.

He said he will then pass on the information to the relevant agencies.

On making the declarations public, the Pakatan Harapan chairman said the matter will be studied.

He said the declaration of assets by ministers is not a new practice, but in the past, the information was not made public.

“The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission may have been privy to the declarations given to the then prime minister, but nobody knows if the commission has seen them.”

Akhbar said making office holders’ asset declarations public can help boost Malaysia’s ranking in the Corruption Perception Index. – June 10, 2018.

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