PMO calls latest DoJ suits 'unproven allegations'

THE unnecessary and gratuitous naming of certain matters and individuals by the US Justice Department (DoJ) will only open the door to domestic political manipulation and interference, said the Prime Minister’s Office today.

In a statement issued early today, the Prime Minister’s Office noted its concern that there was a motivation that went beyond the objective of seizing assets in the DoJ’s latest filing.

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  • Tengku Sariffuddin tak faham justice system ke?. OK, you say all these are allegations and the court not yet decide on the case. Tapi Tengku Sariffuddin or MO1 punya peguam boleh challenge the DOJ "allegations" di makamah Amerika. But why MO1 or Putrajaya not doing this? Takut ke nanti bocor semua secret? Let the court decide, kalau tak ada bukiti MO1 & J Loh etc tak ada problem dan boleh dapat balik harta benda bernilai berjuta2. This is all the rakyat's money. MO1 dapat billion, rakyat dapat BR1M!

    Posted 6 years ago by Ab meeda