Oil tanker lost, all hands missing in Johor

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency search and rescue operation finds signs of an oil spill in the last known location of the missing MT Putri Sea. – Twitter screenshot, June 15, 2017.

SIX Indonesian men are missing after an oil tanker sank in waters near Tanjung Pengelih in Johor today

It is believed that the MT Putri Sea had sank after an explosion on board. The oil tanker, registered in Equatorial Guinea, was carrying crude oil.

The incident was discovered this morning by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), which had despatched a patrol vessel from Tanjung Sedili to investigate after the Singapore Police Coast Guard reported that the tanker could not be reached.

The patrol vessel, which was sent after the tanker at 6.30am following the report at 5am, did not find the tanker, but found traces of an oil spill in the waters about  4.6 nautical miles southwest of Tanjung Pengelih, MMEA deputy director-general (logistics) Maritime Rear Admiral Mohd Taha Ibrahim told The Star Online.

MMEA mounted a search with four boats after noon, he said.

The missing men who made up the crew are Akhmad Faharuddin, 35, Muhamad Heri Hernanda, 28, Raden Abdur Rahem, 31, Rendy Alamanda, 28, Sulkifli, 39, and Yohanis Sumari, 35. – June 15, 2017.

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