Still no sign whether construction of Genting toll plaza will resume, says rep

Noel Achariam

An aerial view of the partially constructed toll gantry. – RAVIN PALANISAMY/Petra pic, May 26, 2024.

IT is status quo for an alleged construction of a toll gantry near Gohtong Jaya, the main gateway to the popular hilltop resort Genting Highlands, as there are still no plans to revive the project, a lawmaker said. 

Ketari assemblyman Thomas Su said that there is still no news on the project as construction work was stopped by the authorities last year. 

This, he said, was because the owner of the project had failed to adhere to project guidelines.

“They (contractor) didn’t have the proper planning permission (for the project).

“But then they had proceeded anyway without approval. That’s why the Bentong Municipal Council (MPB) issued a stop work order,” he said. 

A check found that a partially constructed toll gantry is located near Hotel Seri Malaysia. It is in the middle of a roundabout and the area is currently surrounded by construction debris.  

In October, MPB had issued a stop work order against the construction of the toll gantry. 

Last year, Bentong MP Young Syefura Othman had said that the stop work order was in place until proper applications were made to the local council and the state government.

It was learnt that although the proposed toll is built on private land, the Finance Ministry and Transport Ministry had to be consulted on toll collection.

Previously, Chinese media reported that motorists travelling to Genting Highlands would soon have to pay toll charges and that Lingkaran Cekap Sdn Bhd, which oversees the maintenance of the roadworks in Genting, would manage the toll’s operations.

Young Syefura said she had received confirmation on October 13 that the construction of a toll gantry in the area did not involve the Highways Authority of Malaysia (LLM) and the Works Ministry.

“For your information, Genting Highlands is private land. For a long time, the road to Genting Highlands has been managed by Genting Highlands itself. 

“However, any development on private land should obtain permission from the local authority. 

“MPB and the Pahang state government have not received any applications related to the construction of this toll plaza,” she had said.

Su said that to date, there is no new development or indication that the stop work order has been lifted.

He said that as per his knowledge, there has been no new progress (on the project) from the authorities.

“First of all, they should have got the planning permission from the authorities.

“To date, we have not heard of any application or written permission (from the authorities).

“It’s a privately owned road, so that’s why I think they proceeded (with the project). After MPB found out about the issue, they issued the stop work order because there was no documentation or approval.”

Su also added that he personally thinks the public should be consulted if the owner wants to impose toll charges.

“This (toll collection) shouldn’t affect the people. If they want to collect from tourists, then that’s a different issue. But if it is a general collection, then they must consider it carefully.” – May 26, 2024.

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