The crude sophistication of Hamas’ tactics

IF we read media reports on what happened during the early hours of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, we can see the crude sophistication of Hamas’s tactics in this unprecedented attack. 

The “refined” account of the sophistication though, is ironically given by an Israeli journalist, Emanuel Fabian. 

Fabian compiled video clips released by Hamas on how the resistance group invaded southern Israel on October 8 and carried out its vast attack, killing some 500 civilians and soldiers, and kidnapping dozens more. 

The operation started at about 6am local time. Hamas bombed Israeli observation towers and weapons systems on the border using drones.   

Next, it fired thousands of rockets at southern and central Israel, as its troops on paragliders flew over the border. 

This bombardment of rockets overwhelmed the Iron Dome’s AI to the point that it didn’t know which rockets and rocket launchers from which direction of Gaza it had to intercept.  

The elegant entry of the first few Hamas fighters via paragliding fired the imaginations of many people to the extent that many artists’ impressions of it went viral on social media. 

Moments later, Hamas approached the border fence, blew up holes in it using large explosive devices, and allowed hundreds of its foot soldiers to infiltrate Israel using trucks and motorcycles.  

They then attacked nearby communities and Israeli army posts along the border. 

Such a feat by a non-professional, ragtag resistance force is unprecedented and shows class. Even the professional armies of Israel, the US, UK, and France have never performed like that.  

Hamas also attempted to infiltrate via the sea, but the Israeli Navy repelled them there.  

Israel insinuates that Hezbollah was complicit in the attack.  

Just like the Israelis, however, Hezbollah was caught off-guard. It only knew of the siege at around 7.50am local time – just like everyone else in the world.  

General commander of the Hamas military wing, Muhammed al-Deif, said the operation was a response to Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners and the continued attacks and violations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  

He called for a comprehensive war against Israel, not only from Palestine but from all regional resistance, including Lebanon, Iran, and Yemen. 

Al-Deif’s statement also called for Palestinians to fight the Israelis and attack their settlements on Palestinian land without harming children and the elderly. 

A United Nations peacekeeping force, Unifil, deployed along Lebanon’s southern border called for “everyone to exercise restraint” and make use of the force’s “liaison and coordination mechanisms to de-escalate” and prevent a fast deterioration of the situation. 

The US said it would send warships and would ensure Israel received enough ammunition. 

In the days ahead, Israel may face an intense war on three fronts – Hamas in Gaza, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. – October 12, 2023.  

* Jamari Mohtar reads The Malaysian Insight.  

* This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight. Article may be edited for brevity and clarity.

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  • Dream on. It is not going to happen. You must be a war monger. Your glorification of terrorists is not going to bring about a Palestinian homeland. The situation is well under control in the West Bank and along the northern border with Lebanon. Hezbollah will not make a move without Iran's approval. Israel is well prepared for a two front war. Fatah in Ramallah is not as dumb as Hamas to cause further provocations that would result in a complete Israeli reoccupation of the West Bank and Gaza. With the strong US presence off Israel's coast, Iran will not risk a conflagaration in the region.

    Posted 4 months ago by Gerard Lourdesamy · Reply