BN will win GE14 with only 42% of vote

Zulkifli Sulong

Opposition members of parliament holding a protest against the re-delineation bill after its tabling at Parliament yesterday. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussain, March 29, 2018.

IF the elections are held today, Barisan Nasional is expected to retain power even if it has lost the trust of six out of every 10 voters.

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  • Hey, Think Tank. How about the likelihood that BN will gain much much more than 42% of the vote. In fact there is a distinct possibility they will go close to gaining a 2/3 majority. Harapan have pretty well assured the latter. So in fact your alarmist scaremongering is just more Harapan hot air. Your profoundly naive assumption that BN’s share of the vote will decline shows you are not doing enough THINKING , but you are doing way too much TALKING

    Posted 5 years ago by Dennis Da Menace

    • LMAO. the whole reason scumno came up with this retarded redelination plan is bc they're pissing their pants (like that stupid prof from the world's 891st-ranked university) over the fact that they're gonna LOSE even MORE of the popular vote than they did during the last election. so this isn't scaremongering, its fact - but yes, admittedly, UMNO knows nothing about facts and they're the true purveyors of fake news. just watch UMNO steal this election through ridiculous and retarded gerrymandering, while getting <45% of the popular vote bc the majority of malaysians are sick and tired of their inability to bring the country forward. its time for change, enough of this useless BN bs.

      Posted 5 years ago by Tommy richard

  • At least you got one thing right. “the Malays would support Umno despite the fact that they are unhappy with the Najib administration. “. But, not only Johor, that will be a nationwide trend. Add that to the disillusioned Chinese and Indians and you have a Harapan rout on your hands. A rout that all the seat counting and candidate shuffling will do nothing to dilute. Harapan have crapped in their own nest to a degree impossible to imagine after the result of GE13

    Posted 5 years ago by Dennis Da Menace

    • yawnnnnnnn

      Posted 5 years ago by Tommy richard

  • I sort of think so too. Even with half the support of voters , I think BN will take more than half the seats contested. Redeliniation, enticement and divide and rule added together with the natural human tendency to follow winners and he nature of the first past the post electoral system will ensure that BN wins.

    Posted 5 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy

    • eh nehru, go back to fixing ur ugly ass instagram u gay faggot

      Posted 5 years ago by Tommy richard