Numbers show govt is strong, stable

THE bloc vote that was called by opposition chief whip Takiyuddin Hassan yesterday in the Dewan Rakyat ended up with the following results: 83 MPs agreeing to proceed with the government’s business in the order paper, 52 opposed, 86 were absent and one (Ramli Mohd Nor) did not vote as he was the deputy speaker on duty.

If the “few government MPs” were excluded because they entered the house even after the door was closed, the ayes would have still overwhelmed the nays.

The numbers show: the government is strong and stable.

The number of absent MPs must still be of concern though. The leader of the house and leader of the opposition must reign in their respective members. They must “whip” them into attending the house. – May 26, 2023.

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  • Best job in Malaysia...Got Pay, No Work... fit for crooks and idiots and Parliament has plenty of them.

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