Police detain 3 youths after woman's video goes viral

Muzliza Mustafa

Kogee Sinniah’s video on Facebook has been viewed 37,000 times and received more than 300 comments. – Facebook screenshot, March 14, 2018.

POLICE arrested three youths, 24 hours after a businesswoman uploaded a video on Facebook complaining of harassment on the road and the treatment she received from the cops when she went to seek help at the Alam Damai station in Cheras.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said the three youths were under investigation for criminal intimidation.

“We detained them today (Tuesday) at 8pm. They are SPM school leavers. One of them was driving his parents’ car, a BMW when the incident happened,” said Mazlan.

He said a probe would also be initiated into the businesswoman’s complaint that she was mistreated by the police attending to her at the sentry post and at the inquiry desk.

In the video, which has gone viral since it was posted on Monday, Kogee Sinniah, 41, said the policeman at the sentry post was “checking out” her legs instead of helping her.

The video has been viewed 37,000 times and received more than 300 comments.

Kogee was driving with her 13-year-old son in the car on Persiaran Alam Damai, which was under construction, when she swerved onto the path of a BMW car, which began tailing her. 

She said there was three people in the vehicle.

She panicked and made several calls to 999 as she drove to the Alam Damai police station to seek help.

At a traffic stop just metres from the police station, the BMW allegedly overtook and stopped in front of her car, blocking her way. 

“This was when I honked continuously for about two or three minutes, calling out for help, but nobody came,” she said in the video.

After a while, the BMW drove off and she proceeded to the police station, where she found the entry blocked by a traffic cone.

“A policeman from the post came over and the first thing he asked me was: ‘Were you the one honking just now?’.

“So what does this mean? He actually heard someone in distress but not one of them came to check what was happening. The driver of the BMW could have had a weapon.”

Kuala Lumpur police chief commissioner Mazlan Lazim (left) shows where the complainant’s car was parked the night she drove to the Aman Damai police station in Cheras, for help after she was tailed by three men in a car. – The Malaysian Insight pic, March 14, 2018.

Mazlan said the police sentry at the gate who peered at her was only doing his job as it was standard operating procedure to inspect those seeking entry into the police station compound, especially at night, to guard against threats such as terrorism.

“The policeman had also questioned the driver of the BMW who said they were upset because she had almost hit them. The policeman advised them to not do anything against the law and told them to lodge a police report if they were unhappy. The driver and his friends drove off (after that),” said Mazlan.

Mazlan said the policeman at the inquiry desk had also approached Kogee and asked if she wanted to lodge a report.

“But she sat in the car for a good 20 minutes making calls. She was right at the front entrance of the police station. She was safe.

“There could have been some misunderstanding when the policeman told her to talk to him nicely as she was upset and terrified, and the policeman could not understand what she was saying.

“I want to be fair to the complainant and also to my men,” Mazlan said, adding that Kogee lodged a report at the Cheras police station yesterday afternoon. – March 14, 2018. 

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  • If i were to play the devils advocate , I would say that perhaps there is a limited number of parkIng lot inside the police station - and it is the sentry’s job to tell people to park outside the police station and walk into the police station on foot.

    Also , when we the police , it’s best to not assume they are mind readers , and that they will automatically know that we are good guys. I am sure that there are a lot of people who hold a grudge against the police for some grievances or another , and it is he job of the sentry to keep a lot of people away. The punks who were tailgating the women might have fled when the woman approached the police station, and the sentry not seeing an immediate threat to the woman , and seeing the agitated state the woman was in, might have just assumed that perhaps the best course of action is to make the woman park the cark outside the police stations compound . It is not difficult to understand his reasonings.

    To be tailed by some punks over a traffic dispute might be the most alarming thing we face in our lives, but it is perhaps just another things a policeman faces in the course of his daily work. While it understandable that the woman was so distressed over the incident, that it took center stage in her mind , she perhaps could have developed the presence of mind to realise that a policeman would probably see these sort of things all the time, and the incident would not be such a big deal to his mind .

    Also, regardless of how sure we are about our innocence and the guilt of the other party, we can’t expect the police to just act upon our views. We are not their bosses. We can’t just tell them “arrest those guys “ and expect the police to do as we please as if they are employees . They have their own processes .

    And also, what actions is the police expected to take against a bunch of punks who tailgated you ? It is a rude thing to do, but is rudeness is crime ? Is there even a code that the police can charge people with for tailgating us? I think it is a very unfair to expect the police to alleviate all our worries and anxieties when they are only empowered to do only certain things by law.

    And i don’t know , the allegation that a cop was leering at her a leg , perhaps is something the woman’s mind connected in her agitated state, that perhaps is born how it played out in the real life . I am a man myself , and yes men check out women , but not all women , and not all the time .

    Posted 6 years ago by Nehru Sathiamoorthy · Reply

    • My thoughts exactly! Very well put. She just seemed too emotional and threatened.

      Posted 6 years ago by N Citizen · Reply

  • When caught in a distress situation, the mind will tell you to do a lot of things, even recalling a once read incidence of such nature or a movie scene. Best to call 999 which she did. The best thing and sensible thing to do when you are not allowed to enter the Police Station with your car (many Police Station does this for fear of being attacked with explosives planted in vehicles) is just to alight from your car, even just leaving it at the entrance, and walked in with your child. That clearly shows that you want immediate protection. Immediately lodge a police report. Call your immediate family member to come to the station. Let the Police handle the matter. Being distraught and in a state of panic is one thing, but being sensible by walking into the police station is surely the safest thing to do. We had read so many stories of women being tailgated and that they called the police and finally the police came to catch these so call criminals. That may have inspired fears into everyone's mind when being tailgated. You can't tell some police officers to arrest someone immediately just on your suspicions that they might be gangsters or hoodlums wanting to hurt you. The police will have to weigh the situation at hand before they can react accordingly. It is rather sad that when you think the police is not helping you out then you take this story to the social media to tell people that the police is not there to help people in distress. That is surely a bad and unwise move as you undermined the credibility of the Police Force just because you think the police didn't protect you, you are not allowed to drive your car into the station's compound and you felt mistreated. The police need to investigate your story and based on the police report you made, they will act to it. So, as much as people will feel sorry for your harrowing experience, don't just go about blaming others by making videos just to satisfy your own thinking. You are not running a popularity contest, or are you?

    Posted 6 years ago by CHE NAZRAN ABDULLAH · Reply

  • I am appalled by the early comments here. Not sensible and definitely one that have yet to face such distress - whereby in such times, you were let down and felt completely vulnerable. Kindly please understand the reason of why the lady was upset and reacted that way (2nd video, 9.17 onwards). My sentiments are with her on this. I am glad she actually brought this to social media and voiced her concern.
    I understand policeman have SOPs to adhere to and did not instantly allow the lady to drive in and pass the barriers' post, but in my opinion, they should consider reviewing their SOPs with a view to better provide such protection to the public. SO - for this case and similar cases whereby one felt the fear that the bad guys are behind you or COMING FOR YOU, subconsciously, the right thing to do is to get into the “safe/protected” zone –of which this lady was unable to.
    and Nehru Sathiamoorthy, "And i don’t know , the allegation that a cop was leering at her a leg , perhaps is something the woman’s mind connected in her agitated state, that perhaps is born how it played out in the real life " - what a sexist and insensitive comment, it is really uncalled for. Shame on you!

    Posted 6 years ago by Prisca Leong · Reply

  • Typical Malaysian driver - they seems to think from their rectum rather than their head. Our enforcement is too inefficient and/or corrupted - allowing this behavior to seep into our culture. Speeding, jumping red traffic light, double parking, tail gating, etc is a norm.

    Posted 6 years ago by Chris Ng · Reply

  • So, when a car almost hit your car and just drove off, what should you do ?
    A. Be calm, smile and let it go
    B. Be pissed, curse at the driver and move on
    C. Chase after the driver and stop the car to demand for apology
    D. Go to a police station and report that a car drove off after almost hitting you
    E. Chase after the driver and beat him/her to a pulp

    Maybe the BMW chose C but the victim thought the BMW chose E. With the safety and road rage issues around, i think its fair that the victim assumes the worse and decided to drive to a police station.

    Understanding that the Police has a lot of rules and regulations and prevention against terrorism, their main job is still to protect the public. It will be a big problem if the public starts feeling not safe even when the police are around. I believe the story of almost-hit and run is common and happens all over the country daily. It is cases like this that shines a bad light on the Police that needs to be fixed before a similar thing happens again in the news.

    Posted 6 years ago by Anak bumi3 · Reply

  • Macam macam alasan... protecting your people even though they did wrong. What an excuse. Have you ever consider the trauma the woman went through. Cakap baik baik sikit la

    Posted 6 years ago by Fadzil MohdSalleh · Reply

  • When a woman comes to police station at night, one has to be more sympathetic. I believe the policeman on duty was not trained to handle a panicky woman. If only he had shown some sympathy and tact in handling the situation things would have been different. In this case I believe the policeman was irritated with woman because she had been honking for a couple of minutes near the police station. This is a clear case of road bullying. Just because the woman could have cause an accident does not mean the boys can take the law into their own hands. Even if an accident has happened all you can do is make a police report followed by legal action. What would have happen if the occupant of the car was not the woman but a few men. Would the boys have acted the same way i.e. tailgated them with the intention to intimidating them. I am sure they would have drove off without any fuss and thanking their lucky stars. Just because the occupant was a woman the decided to intimidate her. This is a clear case of road bullying.

    Posted 6 years ago by Saham san · Reply

  • Lets say even if this were to happen to a Guy. You're driving alone at night, and you're being followed. It will freak out anybody. What she did was the right thing, which is to call 999. As a guy, youd also call 999 to seek help. She did what was Really the best thing to do at that Point. Obviously she would have felt that she is being betrayed and that her trust on the Police force just went to Zero.

    Even as a Guy if youre being followed, youd want to drive to the nearest police station to seek help.Rather than to try be a Badass or a Superhero and get hurt really bad in the process. Best thing to do is to leave it to the Law. NEVER take law onto your own hands.

    But if the Police stations nationwide has this NEW law stating that citizens CANNOT park inside a police station in fear of Terror Attacks.

    Lets keep things in perspective here. Lets compare between WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME a Police Station got a TERRORIST attack in Malaysia in the first place ?


    How many people were harrased and drove to a Police station to seek help and protection ?
    You dont need to know rocket science to understand this. Its a Clear cut answer. The police is there to Protect and Serve the people.

    Lets even look at averages as well. How many people simply drive up to a Police station in the middle of the night to make a Hoax report? vs those who report a Real Crime ?

    Again... NO NEED to know rocket science to know the answer.If there is a crime taking place in the night, the only sure place a person may feel safe is probably at a Police station. But after this and with SO many many incidents, I think even the people are Not feeling safe in a Police Station anymore.

    I have a small request to our government. Please STOP all of your racial cards and Start hiring people NOT because of their racial backgrounds but out of merit.Hire people WHO CAN DO the job and do it well. THRASH the rest out.The country needs to be safe for EVERYBODY. You want your Vision 2020 to be a reality ? THE FIX UP your stool ! You need to allow foriegn investors to come in to invest in us. HOW you expect foriegners to come here to invest when ITS become not a Safe Country anymore ?

    POINT TO PONDER, and also reason why You should have gotten rid of all the criminals all those years ago !

    Posted 6 years ago by Ris Mar Ved · Reply

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