The people behind MySJ Sdn Bhd

FINANCE Ministry officer Rosni Mohd Yusoff, in a briefing to the Public Accounts Committee in December last year, said that the cabinet had, in a meeting on November 26, 2021, given an approval for the Health Ministry to appoint MySJ Sdn Bhd to take over the MySejahtera app.

According to public documents, MySJ Sdn Bhd (MySJ) was incorporated on September 23, 2020 with a paid-up capital of approximately RM35.5 million.

Its directors are:

  • Shahril Shamsuddin, the founder of Sapura Energy,
  • Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, the current chairman of Sime Darby Plantation Bhd and Farm Fresh Bhd,
  • Liew Kee Sin, EcoWorld Malaysia executive chairman,
  • Heah Kok Boon, EcoWorld Malaysia executive director and chief financial officer
  • Raveenderan Ramamoothie, the co-founder of KPISoft, since renamed Entomo on May 20, 2020,
  • Anuar Rozhan, KPISoft Malaysia and Asia Pacific co-founder and chief executive officer.

Aiza Azreen, Malaysia Digital Economy’s chief digital business officer, is the chief business officer/CEO-designate of MySJ Sdn Bhd.

MySJ has four shareholders:

1. Revolusi Asia Sdn Bhd (RASB), incorporated on September 17, 2020. RASB holds RM28.93 million or 81.4% of the total paid up of MySJ. The directors of RASB are Sapura’s Shahril, Raveenderan and Naveen Pralhad Deshpande, also a co-founder and presently the chief operating officer of Entomo.

Raveenderan owns 26.6 million shares in RASB, KPISoft’s Anuar (4.2 million) and Naveen (4.2 million).

2. Hasrat Budi Sdn Bhd (HBSB), which was incorporated on August 23, 2021. EcoWorld Malaysia, a property developer, is the sole shareholder owning approximately 3.57 million shares or 10% in MySJ.

Liew and Heah are listed as directors of HBSB.

3. P2 Asset Management Sdn Bhd, incorporated only on November 3, 2020. It holds approximately 2.5 million shares or 7.1% of MySJ. The directors are three individuals – Yap Zi Jing, Johnathan Jaya-Sudhir and Gregory Jaya-Sudhir.

Johnathan is the founder of Smart décor, a company focusing on empowering the interior design, furniture brands, furniture and material manufacturing industry with the right tool towards digitalisation while Gregory is the marketing manager.

4. Ganesan Shanmugam, in his personal capacity, owns the remaining 528,632 shares or 1.5% in MySJ.

The entities and individuals behind MySJ Sdn Bhd are indeed intriguing.

The rakyat rightfully deserve to know the value and contribution from these entities and individuals and how they can assure and provide the necessary guarantees that they are protecting the personal details of the rakyat and that they will not share the data with any third parties commercially or otherwise, regardless of whether the rakyat have consented to it. – March 28, 2022.

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  • WTF does plantation, farming and property development have to do with a health tracing application?

    Posted 2 years ago by Jeevaraj Nadarajah · Reply

  • How come this Sapura fella wanting bailout money for his Sapura Energy is involved in MSJ?

    Posted 2 years ago by Anonymous 1234 · Reply