A time for serious play

Azmyl Yunor

Musicians engage in improv to free themselves from the routine of regular life on the road and performing, while researching and experimenting new sounds or rhythms. – Facebook pic, November 26, 2021.

AS a musician, performing live can be rather repetitive on the outset.

You go through the motions: load up your equipment in your vehicle, travel, arrive at a venue, meet the soundman, set up your equipment, play with the same musicians, go through soundcheck, sit and around waiting for showtime, sing the same songs, respond appreciatively with the same salutations to the crowd, meet some of them after the show (maybe some selfies with fans), check your merchandise sales, pack up your equipment, maybe a drink or two to wind down, get your pay, load up your equipment back in your vehicle, travel back (or to the next town and venue if you’re on tour), and repeat.

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