Big-time robbers roam free while petty thieves are punished, says Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says former prime minister Najib Razak has been attending Parliament sittings but missing his court hearings. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, October 27, 2021.

DR Mahathir Mohamad has mocked Malaysia for being a liberal democratic nation that allows convicted criminals to walk free but punish small time offenders.

Aiming specifically at Najib Razak, the elder statesman once again questioned the delay of the courts in delivering their judgments on the former prime minister.

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  • The gomen of the day & courts of appeal is thinking we Malaysian will just pass this under the bridge after sometime.

    Posted 6 months ago by Teruna Kelana

  • If history was to be the judge, you would be the guilty one who paved the way for such injustices to take place by weakening every single political institution in the country.

    Posted 6 months ago by Simple Sulaiman

  • Well done Mahathir! This is all your doing. PH would not have been so lenient w him. There is nothing you could do but to stomach it now.

    Posted 6 months ago by Elyse Gim