Give Taliban a chance, say Malay-Muslim groups

Diyana Ibrahim Alfian Z.M. Tahir

Taliban stand guard outside the building of former US embassy. Security expert Dr Ahmad El Muhammady says the Taliban is now committed to sustaining peace and would opt to stay away from looking for trouble. – EPA pic, September 12, 2021.

THE global community, especially Muslim countries, need to give the Taliban a chance to prove its capability as a government, Malay-Muslim groups said.

They said the issue of supporting the Taliban should not arise in the first place, but what is more important is to save the Afghan people from the effects of war and political conflicts.

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  • People are starving in Malaysia.
    Help them first.

    Posted 10 months ago by Arul Inthirarajah

  • Yes like how our Malay Muslim govt has brought great prosperity to our nation.

    Posted 10 months ago by Besaman Mucho

  • Bit naive

    Posted 10 months ago by Ronald schipper

  • The Malay-muslim community should get together and donate money to help the poor Afghans. They can also form a mercy mission to Afghanistan to help the people on the ground.

    Posted 10 months ago by Jeevaraj Nadarajah

  • The Islamness of Muslims all over the world has become shades of many colours. We have liberal Muslims, who live complete western culture,., semi liberal Muslims who are different when they are in different environment, and we have extreme variety who take great delight in 'caning women in public, it all depends on who controls the nation. The Talibans are identified in the third group, which is becoming smaller and smaller in the world. Now with Muslim refugess settling down in mostly western countries, it is going to be more difficult for them. Without world wide support from other Muslim countries, it is going to be more difficult for them. The solution is with OIC.

    Posted 10 months ago by Citizen Pencen