Mahdzir says he did not threaten teachers who vote opposition

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid says media reports alleging he threatened teachers are 'illogical' and it is likely the reporters have 'misinterpreted' what he said.– The Malaysian Insight file pic, January 21, 2018.

EDUCATION Minister Mahdzir Khalid has refuted reports that he threatened teachers and government officers with disciplinary action if they backed the opposition.

Following the outcry over his remarks, the Education Ministry’s media and communications office in a series of tweets said the minister had been giving “fatherly advice” when he told teachers and education officers not to support the opposition.

“What he said was like the advice that a father would give his children and not as the media have made it out to be in the news that have gone viral,” it posted on Twitter late yesterday evening.

Mahdzir, who has come under attack, yesterday said the media reports were illogical and that the reporters had “probably misinterpreted” what he said.

“Voting is secret, so how can I warn anyone who wants to vote for the opposition?” he told The Star Online yesterday.

“I only reminded them of their positions and that they must ‘finetune’ and put a ‘buffer zone’ between their career and political ideology. They cannot be going on the same stage with opposition leaders since they are civil servants who are meant to carry out government policies. I have never made any threats or asked them to quit if they support the opposition,” he was quoted saying in the report.

The minister said it was a fact that some teachers, including principals, held positions in opposition parties, including PKR and PAS.

“I believe parents would want these teachers to focus on teaching their children.

“They should not turn the classrooms, school assemblies or teachers’ rooms into ceramah sessions.”

Mahdzir said he had given the same directive to teachers who support  Barisan Nasional.

“I am consistent in my message – remember your role as teachers.” – January 21, 2018..

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  • AND Trump is not a racist nor pay a porn actress for sex and pay to shut her up.

    Posted 6 years ago by Bigjoe Lam · Reply

  • It is publicly read and known through out the nation that your statment has stated so and it is defintely a THREAT !!!!!!!!!. Any ordinary being can tell that only a person with knowledge of what is lurking at the back of his mind in his thoughts and capbilities will dare to seriously utter out his or her premeditated actions. You as a buffoon has just reaffirmed that Umno is cornering the election process with all brazen shenaniganss. Whether there will be actions against you or not is of no importance to the Rakyats and all those teachers who are thoroughly decent and discipline in their jobs . Many of the teachers are loyal and dedicated to their oath in being an educator and not by blind loyalty to political party and leaders who are arrogant and misfits in the society .!!!!!!!!! Stop the bullshit and we are just fed up and coudn't care less about the same replay of ploy by Umno Ministers in their same old same old useless petty rescindable actions to evade the concerns of after effect. Come what may the teachers will always be there in their job but not too sure about useless Ministers or teachers who are boot lickers to UmnoBN with their major concerns focused on available opportunities to enrich themselve rather than being professional in their job. Now by destroying the earlier well established education system and replacing it with a myopic system placing importance of ketuanan concept has collasped the nation. That what you guys are good at. We shall remember and forgiveness is never or will never be in our vocab. We can give you a commitment that we shall remember all the UmnoBN Ministers who are treacherous and plundering the nation to total destructions.

    Posted 6 years ago by Lee Lee · Reply

  • The problem with Mahdzir is that he talks too much (and without thinking). Most of the time he will blame the journalist of misinterpretation or misreporting him. This blaming strategy is so common that he seems to speak from his ass and fart from his mouth. We have one corporate officer that is a Queky & Psychopath - that has a penchant of blaming others of misunderstanding him. Yes - his English is bad - but his lies, u-turn and bullshits is more worse than his Chinglish. Read more at

    Posted 6 years ago by Chris Ng · Reply