When the deal goes down

Azmyl Yunor

Barack Obama, back in 2008, was probably the most popular example of harnessing notions of ‘hope’ from an individual figure, which ironically was replaced by its absolute polar opposite in Donald Trump two terms later. – EPA pic, June 25, 2021.

HOPE is a commodity, especially in these times of crises. The word itself conjures many images, which for better or worse, are stereotypical due to our capacity for imagination as much as the length and time we have been bombarded and exposed to particular images that we associate with word.

For instance, the sun (the star that our planet revolves around) is probably the most persistent image we associate with “hope”. I guess you could trace the sun as a consistent symbol to this since the beginning of time (at least from our perspective as human beings) in holy texts as much as its omnipresence in our daily lives.

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