New party that teased PAS will apply for registration tomorrow

Hailey Chung Wee Kye

Party president Kenneth Chai says Sains currently has about 250 people registered as prospective members and 15 committee members in the executive body. – Sains pic, June 8, 2021.

A NEW political party, which started as a joke to troll PAS will apply to register officially with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) tomorrow

Parti Aspirasi Sains Malaysia (Sains) will formally send an application to the RoS to be a national party with branches, said its president Kenneth Chai.

The 33-year-old Kuching-based STEM teacher has always posted, criticised and argued about science on his Twitter page while also being a politically aware person.

On May 21, he received a personal message from a PAS member to stop misusing the party’s name after Chai commented on their political decisions and actions.

That prompted Chai to launch Parti Ajaran Sains (PAS) as a parody party.

He urged the public to join his party to represent their respective constituencies and start discussions with their representatives on current issues.

“I opened a Google form to collect names and have received 400 to 500 sign-ups, we even started a shadow Cabinet,” Chai told The Malaysian Insight.

“We had a few clubhouse sessions and soon people started asking, ‘Why not we do this for real?’”

Chai said the motivation continued as he realised a lot of Malaysians are not politically supportive of any party today.

“The existing parties are mostly race-based, religion-based, or a party concentrated to make one figure a prime minister. Most are also filled with old men.

“I think we need a party that transcends all these and provide a platform that focuses on evidence-based policies backed by science and reason, not on the colour of your skin nor where your ancestors worship.”

Sains currently has about 250 people registered as prospective members and 15 committee members in the executive body.

The members are made up of 47.6% female and 52.4% male. The majority of them are Malay (51.1%) with a mix of Chinese (32.9%), Indian (11.5%) and others (4.5%).

There is also a balanced representation from East Malaysia (57%) and West Malaysia (43%). Most signed up for a lifetime membership (81.6%) versus annual renewal (18.4%).

Chai added that most of the members are young working adults between the ages of 30 and 45.

“We became a home for the politically homeless, those who are frustrated with the traditional politics like arguing about who should be the next prime minister or which logo to use.

“Because science and reasons are colour-blind, policies should be evidence-based in tandem with meritocracy and needs,” he said.

“As a party for the people, by the people, the structure will not have any youth or gender wing, nor does it follow the traditional organisational hierarchy,” Chai said.

Sains has put down three flagship policies: Building an anti-poverty nation with guaranteed monthly income for the needy communities, establishing a human-centred economy that creates more opportunities for decent work and achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals within one generation.

“To be honest, it really started as a joke. Now, there are WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, and everyone’s mobilising,” CHai said.

“The party will be registered with Kuching as their headquarters, but the board now consists of people from everywhere.”

For more information on the party’s vision, mission and constitution, kindly visit or e-mail [email protected]. – June 8, 2021.

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  • Wow. Just wow.

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  • Excellent. GO FOR IT. I respect your decision and braveness to hentam PAS

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