Sugarbook sees rise in sign-ups among varsity students

Aminah Farid

Sugarbook, a sugar daddy dating platform, reveals a 40% spike in sign-ups among university students to pay off tuition fees, household and living expenses. – Facebook pic, February 10, 2021.

ASIA’S largest sugar daddy dating platform, Sugarbook, revealed a 40% spike in sign-ups among university students to pay off tuition fees, household and living expenses.

Sugarbook said in a statement this trend came to light during the pandemic and strict standard operating procedure over the past few months.

Sunway University currently takes the top spot with 3,105 Sugarbook app members, followed by INTI International University and Taylor’s University with 2,624 and 1,696 members respectively.

“Since the official implementation of the movement-control order in March last year, all public and private universities were forced to close, with all teaching and learning activities implemented online.

“In spite of multiple reviews, university tuition fees remained the same, proving to be one of the most challenging expenses for most families,” said Darren Chan, founder and chief executive officer of Sugarbook.

Sugarbook is a website and mobile app platform established on the concept of “sugar dating”.

The term is loosely used to describe relationships in which financial support is exchanged for romantic companionship, which may or may not involve sexual intercourse.

In the sugar dating world, more financially able individuals often provide cash, gifts, or lifestyle funding support for their dependent counterparts, who are in turn expected to reciprocate with their time and affections.

With sugar dating typically involving young women and, on the other end of the spectrum, older men, this concept is naturally likened to prostitution and the gendered risks associated with the trade like homicide, financial scams, rape, and abuse.

Statistics from the sugar dating app also showed the average age of a sugar baby is just 23, whereas the average age of a sugar daddy is 35.

Each sugar baby also earns an average allowance of RM2,500 and presumably that is for a month, it might not even be enough to pay off their university tuition fees.

“Times are hard. Our platform provides the opportunity to find economic relief during these volatile times.

“Dating someone who is more successful or experienced comes with its perks, and financial incentives are just one of them. They get to connect with high-net-worth individuals as well as pursue career advancements.

“With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the average sugar baby gets up to RM2,500 in monthly allowances. It’s a great help to struggling university students especially during these trying times,” Chan said.

Sugarbook received flak in 2019 when its advertisement was showcased on several electronic billboards in Kuala Lumpur, which the City Hall deemed as obscene and offensive.  

However, Chan defended the app, saying the site was created to provide a dating platform for individuals, who can choose what they want from an ideal relationship without being judged. – February 10, 2021.

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